In store radio is an extremely powerful tool 

Having your own unique, carefully crafted, brand voice can improve marketing campaigns, boost advertising opportunities and effectiveness, and improve internal communication and cohesiveness

Radio Advertising

We have an in-house audio production team of experienced professional radio editors, presenters, audio producers, and sound engineers, who know what works when it comes to producing engaging content, personality, and advertisements for in store radio and commercial radio stations.

From our purpose-built studio facilities, we write, direct, and produce all the advertising for our clients, managing the whole process from briefing through to scheduling. Pulled together by our producers, script writers, and a huge range of professional voice-over artists, we produce fantastic audio imagery for your brand, products and services.

Having your own in store radio station creates the opportunity to offer radio advertising space to your supplier brands. This ability to integrate your retail locations directly into a supplier’s marketing strategy could make new streams of revenue available!

Internal Communication via In Store Radio

Many of our clients’ senior management team engage with employees at site level via weekly broadcasts outside of opening hours.

A birthday message from the CEO, a name check to recognise individuals for great customer service, or saluting the best-performing sites is highly motivational to all concerned.

Email jukebox, quizzes, internal job vacancies, and other engaging content for employee listeners, all make a big difference to staff morale and internal communication strategies.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can improve your brand’s relationship with your customers, suppliers and staff.