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December 2018

Now That’s What I Call 2018!

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Well, here we are. Another year nearly over…already! It only seems like last week that we were all shivering in the Beast from the East or sweating from what some said was the ‘hottest summer in living memory’.

Musically it has been a great year. We saw the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Friendly Fires, Florence & the Machine and Manic Street Preachers return with some fantastic new music.

There were new names to keep an eye on too. The brilliant Pale Waves released great song after great song and The Brits Critics Choice winner for 2019, Sam Fender, started to get attention and quite right too. Grace Carter released the sublime ‘Why Her Not Me’ to set the scene for what’s to come in 2019 and we can’t wait to hear more. And while we are talking sublime music, we have to mention the amazing Tom Misch. In our opinion, his album ‘Geography’ is one of the best of the year.

Anne-Marie released one of the best videos of the year with ‘2002’, and showed why many are calling her the breakout star of the year (Well supporting Ed Sheeran around the world isn’t a bad way to get you in front of a few people…)

Music phenomenon of the year has to be ‘The Greatest Showman’. The soundtrack has spent most of the year at number one in the album chart, the likes of Pink have re-recorded tracks for the new ‘Re-Imagined’ album as well, breathing new life in to the songs, plus ‘This is Me’ by the awesome Kaela Settle is a strong contender for song of the year…..

However, in our opinion, the song of the year was released in April. Ariana Grande returned with the superb ‘No Tears Left to Cry’, less than a year after the tragedy at one of her gigs in Manchester. The Observer described the track as ‘a dazzling exercise in pop lightness, bringing optimism after last year’s Manchester attack’. While the Guardian said it was ‘one of the most joyful, defiant celebrations of pop’.

Enjoy our look back at 2018. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has to bring!

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Crank up the Christmas Tunes!

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It’s that time of year, when it seems like the same 10 Christmas songs are being played over and over again…

But at KVH Studios, we take Christmas music very seriously. We start looking for new Christmas songs when the skies are still blue and, if we’re lucky, temperatures are soaring, ensuring our clients have the most appropriate music tracks to suit their brand.

Although we play the big hits, from classics such as Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby, to the golden eras of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s including Slade, Wizzard, Wham! and of course not forgetting Mariah, we do like to spring a surprise or two into our selections.

In recent years, the likes of Kylie, Sia and Gwen Stefani have all recorded Christmas albums with some great new tracks and new versions of the classics. All this and we haven’t even mentioned the modern Mr Christmas, Michael Bublé.

We hope you enjoy our selection of Christmas tunes, there are 24 delights, just like every Advent Calendar…

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Nick Bewes – Head of Music

The Science of Playing Christmas Music in store

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It’s Christmas, let’s whack some Slade on!

Leading up to Christmas, and throughout the holiday season, it’s befitting for retailers to play Christmas music. While it seems the obvious thing to do, believe it or not there’s a science behind it.

Eric Spangenberg, Ph.D, dean of the College of Business at Washington State University, who has studied the influence of music on holiday shopping, found that “holiday appropriate music can influence shoppers by increasing the amount of time spent in a store, their intention to revisit it, and intention to purchase.” He goes on to explain that some types of music work better than others, “Slower tempo music slows down shoppers, and they spend more time and money in store. Faster-paced music moves people through the store quicker than retailers would like.”*

Readers of our blog will know this also applies to music in general; so if everyday music has the same effect, why should stores make the effort to play Christmas music? It all boils down to Christmas music having the added benefit of seasonal relevance, which has an uplifting effect on shoppers. Have you ever seen Christmas lights, or smelled mulled wine, and suddenly ‘felt all Christmassy’? Christmas music has the same effect; it raises people’s spirits and creates an urge of excitement.

Christmas music also transforms the feel of a store, providing a richer, more engaging customer experience, which ties back to music increasing the amount of time spent in store and the likeliness to revisit.

There are do’s and don’ts when playing Christmas music. First of all you don’t want to play it prematurely because, as with any music, if you hear it too often it gets repetitive and can have an adverse effect on customer’s mood. Victoria Williamson, Ph.D, who conducts research on the psychology of music at Goldsmiths, University of London says, “there’s a U-shaped relationship between the amount of times we hear music that we like and our subsequent reaction to it.

First we like it a bit, then we like it more and more until it hits a peak. And then we crash down – we have overheard it. That’s when boredom and annoyance of the same sound hits home.”* As a rule of thumb, you should save playing Christmas music until December.

And secondly there is a vast amount of Christmas music out there, such as classical, winter wonderland music, through to cheesier, more jovial tunes, so you can select a style that is still in keeping with your store’s persona. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to play Slade!

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