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“Here at KVH Studios, we live and breathe music and audio. It’s what we do every day. So sometimes it can be easy to forget how much impact audio has on someone’s life. A prime example of this happened near the end of 2018…

Part of my job as Head of Music is to keep an eye on the social media channels of our clients and KVH Studios to see if any comments or questions have been posted about the music on our services. One day I came across a message from a customer, Lisa, commenting on the fact that our music wasn’t playing in the store that she had visited with her son Joel, who has autism, and he had a ‘meltdown’. The message went on to read ‘we didn’t realise this was a thing for him until we left the store and he burst into tears, so each week we go in, he asks if it’ll be playing and I pray that it is’.

I’m sure you have seen recent press around autism charities and some retailers organising ‘Quiet Hours’ to aid those with autism. However, this was the first time I’d heard of someone not liking it because it was quiet.

I decided to get it touch with Lisa and it turns out her son is a big fan of the music we broadcast into store, and music in general, especially any tracks that feature on the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ compilations. Whilst I was talking to her, she mentioned that it was Joel’s birthday soon. So I had an idea! Why don’t we produce a special show for Joel and send it to him for his birthday. I asked her if Joel had any favourite songs or artists and programmed these into a ‘show’ including dedicated links between tracks presented by one of our on-air DJs.

Everything was produced and sent to Joel via CD for his birthday. A couple of days later I received an email from Lisa saying that he loved the CD and all the music. He had gotten his ‘Now Music’ book out straight away whilst listening. Lisa finished the message by saying that there were some big reactions from Joel when he heard his name and his hometown being mentioned by the presenter.

Audio is extremely powerful in our lives for lots of different individual reasons. It’s important to look beyond the detail and at the bigger picture. At KVH Studios we are very lucky to be able to make personal connections every day through the audio we produce. Thank you Lisa and Joel for sharing your story, we’re very happy to have made you smile!”

Nick Bewes – Head of Music

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