Why In-Store Radio?

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When customers walk into your stores, what do they hear? Do they hear silence? The conversations of others? A playlist on one of your staff member’s iPods? Dull background music? Whatever they hear has an effect on their perceptions of your store and brand. If they don’t like the silence, they’ll feel awkward. If they don’t like your in-store music, they won’t like the ambience, if they don’t like the ambience, they won’t like the experience. One way to try and retain control over people’s perceptions of your store is to have your own dedicated in-store radio service.

What is In-Store Radio?

In-store radio is your very own bespoke audio channel. It’s just like regular Radio but is created and produced to enhance YOUR brand and cater to the interests of YOUR customers.

Here are some of the benefits to having your own in-store radio service…

Bespoke music policy

With an in-store radio service, you play music that is chosen specifically to suit your customers and your brand. The music can be tailored to reflect footfall and the moods of shoppers throughout the day, being chilled out and soothing during quiet periods, and more upbeat during busy periods. The music can also reflect seasonal events and special occasions such as Christmas. As the music is all pre-selected, it’s also screened for profanity and inappropriate content, so you don’t have to worry about complaints either. And for the ultimate choice, you can have several channels for your individual stores to choose from, ensuring an overall brand feel yet appropriate for specific store types / customers / location.

Control the customer experience

The in-store music has a huge impact on the ‘feel’ of the store, and is therefore fundamental in creating the ideal customer experience. If you’ve got lots of stores, you’ll want to make sure the customer experience is consistent throughout each one. This is impossible to do if the staff are playing their own music, whether by CD, iPod or public radio. In-store radio is the perfect way to manage and control this experience across each store.

Upsell, upsell, upsell!

Your customers aren’t just shoppers, they’re a captive audience. Whilst you have their attention, shout about all the great deals you have with in-store radio advertising! Whether your customers are visiting with a specific purchase in mind or just having a casual look around, the opportunity is there to upsell. Take that opportunity and make them aware of new products, current offers, services available, competitions and more! With a mixture of quality music and informative in-store radio ads, you can provide your customers with an entertaining, helpful and engaging experience.

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