The Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasting

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Podcasts are a great way to share insight and information with customers in a fun and engaging way, helping to differentiate your business. If you don’t podcast already, then consider them a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy. Podcasts can take any format and are excellent for discussions, debates, reviews, updates, tutorials and more, and with audio it’s easy to convey passion and enthusiasm for your product or service. To help you take the leap into podcasting, we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to follow…


Make it Professional

Poor sound quality can immediately deter listeners and damage your image. Get it recorded and produced professionally to ensure impeccable quality.

Focus on your content

Content is the most important aspect of your podcast. To keep the listeners engaged, the content needs to be interesting and relevant to your audience.

Research your topics

Podcasts are the most engaging when they contain natural exchanges or monologues; as opposed to being scripted. Doing plenty of research around the chosen topic will ensure you’re confident talking about it without a script.

Keep your audience in mind

As already mentioned – content is key. For an effective podcast, structure the content around your audience. Ask yourself what they would like to hear, or learn about, in your podcast.

Add variation

If you’re planning on creating a podcast series then variation will ensure listeners become fans and subscribers. You could vary the people involved, the topics discussed, or the format of the podcast; whether it’s a review, a debate, an informal chat, a countdown etc.

Include an Audio Logo

An audio logo, as well as intro and outro music will brand your podcast, make it memorable and help set it apart from others.

Include a Call to Action

What do you want to achieve with your podcast? Do you want to direct people to a website, encourage them to fill in a form, or even purchase something?  Include a call to action telling them what to do, therefore keeping the conversation going between you and your customers.



Decide your topic, outline the main points you want to include and stick to them. If you start to meander around the subject area you’ll create a muddled podcast with no focus; which could cost you listeners.

Make it too long…

There’s no definite answer to ‘how long is too long?’ as it depends on how interesting your content is and how much time your audience are willing to spend listening to it. Media players allow you to see how long an audio piece is, so if a user clicks and sees that it’s 30 minutes long, will they click to listen? Or be put off? If you have a lot to talk about, consider splitting it into a series of podcasts.

Podcast for Promotion

If you’re planning on using podcasts to sell your products and services…don’t! Podcasting is about sharing great content that your customers can benefit from. Provide interesting content and valuable insight and the sales will look after themselves.

Forget to have fun!

Your customers are more likely to keep listening if your podcast is fun and entertaining. Laughter is infectious and if you’re able to make your audience smile they’re more likely to share your podcast with others.

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