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One minute it’s pouring down, next minute it’s blazing sunshine. Usually it’s, do you take a brolly or make sure you’ve got your sunglasses handy? The predictably unpredictable UK weather doesn’t just dictate our mood – it has a hugely profound effect on our purchasing behaviour across a wide range of industries.

So how do retail stores keep up with this and ensure the in-store messaging remains relevant and decisive against the indecisive British weather?

Weather-responsive advertising targets customers based on the local conditions and, unlike print, the medium of in-store radio can be quickly updated with relevant content reactive to the ever-changing weather.

From advertising ice-creams in supermarkets to sun cream in health and beauty, raincoats in clothing stores to outdoor furniture in garden centres, being adaptive to the weather and serving promotions and messages that are relevant to the customer at that time can be very effective in upselling to your captive audience in store.

So how does it work?

There are 3 main elements needed to make this happen:

The KVH Media Player

When connected to a broadband network, whether this be a physical LAN, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G SIM, the KVH Media Player has the ability to broadcast audio content by date/time and to individual or groups of stores. This allows your dedicated Account Manager to schedule your service exactly as you require.

As well as grouping stores by characteristics such as product offering and prices, by utilising live weather data, advertisements can be scheduled geographically in-line with the conditions around each store. Sudden change of weather? No problem, content can be ‘pushed’ to the affected sites within the hour.

The KVH In-house Studios

Our team of creative writers and producers can prepare a bank of content that match your brand and strategy requirements in our purpose-built audio studios. Don’t have anything prepared for the scorching sunshine that’s suddenly been forecast? One of your products or prices has changed? No need to worry, our production studios are in-house so no outsourcing is required, meaning content can be briefed direct and created with speed.

The KVH Studios team

Your dedicated Account Manager, producer and technical support are all on hand to create, implement and execute your weather-responsive campaign ensuring you don’t have to do the thinking when the sun comes out, you can just pop your shades on and enjoy it knowing your campaign is running successfully.

So that’s…

  • Flexible and targeted content scheduling with the KVH Media Player
  • Speedy and efficient content creation in the KVH production studios
  • Dedicated and experienced content management by the KVH Studios team

Ready to start responsive and targeted advertising in your stores? Give KVH Studios a call today on 0113 233 7800 or email to find out more!

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