Things to Consider When Creating a Radio Ad

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Radio advertising offers businesses several benefits, including speedy turnaround times, highly targeted audiences and the opportunity to get a direct response. This makes it an attractive medium for reaching out to people. Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to creating a radio ad…

Know your audience

Whatever you’re wanting to advertise, whether it’s a product, service, a special offer or event, your target audience must be at the forefront of your mind when creating marketing communications. Aside from knowing their typical age, gender and spending power, ask yourself, does your audience respond well to humour? Are they busy people, and therefore difficult to engage with? Having clear answers to these questions and more, will lead to the creative solution being as effective as possible. Having a clearly defined target audience will also help you decide where and when your ad appears.

Stick to one core message

When you’ve paid for advertising space, whether it’s a standard 30 second slot or shorter/longer, it can be really tempting to cram as much information into that time as possible. Too much information, however, leads to a diluted and confusing message that is difficult for the audience to digest. Instead of speeding through a list of specifications, features and bits of information, pick one core message, typically a benefit to the listener, and focus on that. Which leads us on to the next consideration…

Strong call to action

A strong call to action is perhaps the most important element of your advert, after all, you are advertising because you want to provoke a response from your audience; you want it to lead to something, whether it’s a listener picking up the phone, visiting your website, heading to their nearest store, casting a vote, signing up to receive a catalogue and so on! You need to decide what the next step in the process is for the audience, and concentrate on that single call to action. Asking your audience to do multiple actions will confuse them.

Invest in production

Each individual piece of marketing communication for a company, whether it’s a brochure, an editorial or an advert for example, has an effect on the public’s perception of your brand. If your advert is offensive, people will think the brand is insensitive. Too formal and people will view the brand as prudish. In the case of radio commercials, if the advert comes across as ‘low value’, then the audience will assume you provide a low value product or service. It might be tempting to cut costs when it comes to producing a radio commercial because there’s an immediate benefit, i.e. you save money, but in the long run this can be costly because of the impression left on the audience. So our final tip is to invest in the production of your radio ad. A well-produced radio commercial is more effective at engaging your audience, and more likely to get a response.

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