Happy with the Customer Service Levels you’re receiving from your In-Store Radio Supplier?

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There’s nothing worse than a supplier that doesn’t get back to you and you have to chase… a supplier who can’t talk or meet with you when you need to… a supplier that doesn’t listen and so doesn’t meet your requirements, leaving you to do the majority of the work.

At KVH Studios our number one priority is customer service. That’s why many of our clients, such as Costcutter, House of Fraser and Topps Tiles, have been receiving audio services from us for over 10 years.

It’s simple really; we just make sure we follow our checklist to ensure we’re always providing the best service at all times to our clients…

  1. We’re accessible

Whether it be in person, on the phone, email or even social media, we’re always accessible to our clients to help them with what they require when they need it and to stay connected to their brand

  1. We’re responsive

It’s very important to us that we acknowledge our clients quickly and provide a solution in a timely manner

  1. We’re listeners

Understanding our clients’ requirements clearly can only be done by taking the time to listen carefully

  1. We’re focused

Providing our clients with the information they need at the time they need it

  1. We’re honest

There’s no point in us telling our clients something that isn’t achievable or not being truthful when something hasn’t gone to plan. Honesty is the best policy in our eyes.

  1. We’re passionate

We believe in the services we create for our clients and ensure each one is unique and works hard to achieve results for their individual brand.

Of course, anyone can say they do these things and it’s difficult to showcase these qualities without working with us but we do believe our high client retention and testimonials speak for themselves.

Give us a call today and let us take the workload of in-store audio away from you.

After all, that’s what you pay your supplier for isn’t it?

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