The Four ‘E’s to Radio Advertising

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Obviously, the most important aspect to any advert is explanation, but what exactly do you need to remember when informing your customers about an offer or product?

  • Talk about the product or offer in detail, mention the company behind it and highlight any key features, tell the customer how they could use it to their advantage
  • Ensure the customer knows the product’s benefit to them; for anything from a ‘limited time’ discount or new product in a range, people need to know why they should spend their money now
  • Mention the product name at around three times during the advert, this will make sure the customer remembers it and will cause them to think even after the advert is over

This is almost just as important as explanation, you need to keep the customer’s attention for the whole advert and create desire for the product.

  • Make sure you know the target audience before anything else. Certain types of people may respond negatively, or not at all, to some types of advertising. Everything from the right music to the right age of the voiceover needs to be considered so the right customer can relate.
  • Make the copy interesting – you need to make sure you grab the customer’s attention and prevent them from switching off or losing focus during the advertisement (this is why shorter adverts tend to work better, we usually recommend about 20-30 seconds)
  • Create a sense of urgency; people are always more tempted to spend when there’s a time limit on an offer so make them aware of this

Once you have the basics of an advert it’s time to make sure it stands out and sounds interesting, there’s no point in having interesting information and great copy if it doesn’t grab the customer’s attention; here’s some tips on how to make your ad shine…

  • Think about where people are when they hear radio adverts, in a busy supermarket, driving or at work – by using multiple aspects of sound you can take the customer away from their current situation and get them to listen. If you’re selling something sports related – have fans cheering in the background, or for celebrations – the sound of a cork popping. Again, this creates desire for a product by putting the customer in the right environment.
  • Increasing the amount of voiceovers or the type of voice used is also an effective way of grabbing people’s attention, it sounds like a conversation and encourages the customer to want to join in. An interesting voice will keep the customer focused.

Ensure your customers are entertained by the advert as this is what will ultimately result in grabbing their attention, keeping it and then creating a result after the ad is over. People want to buy into interesting brands, lifestyles and products, so making sure your advert entertains in the right way will inevitably result in success!

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