IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Toby Huggins – Senior Producer

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How long have you been at KVH Studios?
Over 17 Years – started on 1st January 2002

What does your job involve?
Producing various types of top notch audio for our In-Store Radio services (ads/interviews/presenter content/features)
Producing In-Store and Commercial Radio ads
Radio Station building and scheduling
Managing studio operations/bookings including voiceover recording sessions, podcasts, interviews, corporate videos, e-learning, on-hold messaging etc
Building relationships with current voiceovers and sourcing new talent

What did you do before you worked at KVH Studios?
Studied Media Technology at the University of Hull for 4 Years

What do you love most about what you do?
Studio recording sessions with voiceovers and celebrities

What’s your favourite memory at KVH Studios?
Sorry, more than one (it has been 17 years!)…
Chasing David Hasselhoff into a car park to record a soundbite
Pranking Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff with Robbie Savage in a fake Conor McGregor interview that ended up on Channel 5 (the best TV channel there is – obvs)
Meeting/interviewing Scary Spice Mel B
Being involved in launching a new live service for Superdrug

How would you describe KVH Studios in 3 words?
Ahead / Innovative / Passionate

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite music track?
‘I Am The Walrus – The Beatles’

What do you like to do when you’re not at KVH Studios?
Watch movies, listen to the radio (Smooth Radio – I’m getting old!), play the piano, swim, spend time with my daughter and chums (not the wife – ha!) and drink Estrella

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