Is the Music in your Gym Pulling its Weight?

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Is the music you play in your gyms working hard to motivate your members and staff?

Ready for some stats?

  • The average target heart rate zone during exercise is determined by a percentage of our maximum heart rate.
  • For an average 20-year-old, this maximum rate is 200 beats per minute. This means that the target heart rate zone for 50-85% capacity during a workout would be 100 to 170 beats per minute.
  • For decades, music producers and composers have been taking advantage of the fact that our heart rate is elevated when we’re excited, happy or active. There’s no coincidence that your favourite Hollywood action movie has upbeat music during the intense scenes.
  • In the fitness context, upbeat music is key to staying motivated during a workout so it’s easy to see why modern dance music tends to be centred around 120bpm. The beats tend to have a consistent rhythmic (or even ‘thumping’) feel as this helps to subconsciously draw the listener’s focus to the rate of their heartbeat

So, have you or your supplier considered this when choosing the music for your gyms?

The KVH Studios music team are specialists in profiling music for different environments, and when it comes to the gym environment there’s a great deal of science behind it to ensure your visitors remain motivated and enjoy their workout, thus ensuring they remain a member!

Not only that, but the music needs to represent your personality as a brand and reflect your customer base at different times of the day/week/year. What does your brand SOUND like? What and when should certain music styles be programmed? Don’t worry, we can help you with that!

Our specialist team of audio producers and account managers are highly skilled in giving brands a sound. And it’s not just about music; your service can include branding idents, advertising, presenter content and much more…the possibilities with audio are endless.

Fancy a chat about how we can help? Every brand is different and that’s why we do things bespoke. Discuss your business with our creative consultants today and we will help you improve your members’ gym experience!

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