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Today is the day our friends in the retail industry have been patiently waiting for, as non-essential shops finally re-open. And of course, it’s not just the staff that are excited, customers can’t wait to get back to enjoying the in-store shopping experience again. Nothing compares to browsing around your favourite store or having a shopping day with friends. And let’s face it, it’s another step closer to normality and a chance to wear something other than joggers!

At KVH Studios we want to help businesses make that switch from online to In-Store as smooth as possible.

After spending so much time in a lockdown, it is understandable that the public may feel a bit uneasy going back into a communal setting. Be empathetic! The transition will be challenging for everyone, and as businesses it is our duty to try to reduce stress for people as much as we can.

In-Store Music

Did you know listening to music can be a tremendous stress relief? Studies show it can reduce stress levels by up to 65%, relaxing the mind and body. At KVH Studios, we provide In-Store music services curated bespoke to your individual brand, target audience and values, from our ever-growing music database of fully licensed copyright, sound-a-like covers and non-copyright/royalty-free tracks.

Whether you are looking at copyright music for customers to experience that instant familiarity of current tracks and iconic anthems of the past, or non-copyright music to help save on licence fees, KVH Studios will work with your team to create a music profile that will put your customers at ease whilst they shop.

Keep in mind that the right song can change a person’s mood in a matter of minutes, it’s so easy to improve customer’s emotional state. If you can make a happy customer; why wouldn’t you? If someone is in low spirits, chances are they won’t spend as long in the store, or make purchases. Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable will elevate a person’s shopping experience with you and in turn increase chances of them making a purchase and returning. Music is a collective experience that makes you feel ‘together,’ overcoming the physical separation. At this time, we should be trying to help people feel less isolated after so long in quarantine, let KVH Studios help your business do that.

Not only that, but we understand it has been a tough year for retail businesses. With our ‘full In-Store music package,’ we’ll not only make sure you are fully licensed but also that you’re paying the right amount. We do this by looking at factors such as venue, size and how the music is broadcast. Our full package includes consultancy, programming, licensing, delivery, installation and aftercare. However, each of these are optional and in turn adaptable to your budget, keeping your costs as low as we can!

Tailor your Playlist

At KVH Studios, our comprehensive brand profiling creates a unique ‘sound palette’; a concise audio representation of your retail brand but broad enough in scale to flex and change throughout the day reflecting customer footfall, in-store energy, and elicit the desired listener reaction whilst browsing.


Many people are just drained of energy- which is expected! We have been in and out of lockdowns and isolations for over a year now, actually having some form of social interaction again is bound to cause fatigue. Adapt your music to fit the mood. We can add some more upbeat tracks to your playlist to hopefully put a spring in people’s steps or at least have them tapping their foot in the queue. It’s also important to day part your service to match the mood of the time of day, such as chilled tunes in the morning, or in busy periods to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for impatient customers. Maybe have more cheery bops during slow hours to up staff morale.

Our music profilers have the knowledge and experience on what works dependent on such factors as the type of store/products, average dwell time and location, so let them do all the hard work to ensure the music is spot on at all times.

In-Store Messaging

Where appropriate, we can intersperse your music with content to promote products, offers and services, along with short branding messages to reinforce the values and support that your brand stands for.

Coronavirus has definitely impacted our lives greatly, and with retail re-opening, social distancing will still be in place. COVID-19 rules seem to be changing all the time and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with what’s allowed and what is not. If you sometimes get confused, think about how the general public feel!

The government have asked companies to make announcements reminding people to follow social distancing advice and clean their hands regularly. This is so easy to do with audio. With your own in-store radio service provided by KVH Studios, we can script, record and schedule messaging informing your customers and staff on how to stay safe. And with everything created in-house from our purpose-built studios, your announcements can be updated quickly should rules change.

We’re certain your customers will appreciate it, and with our team of technically skilled creatives, your playlist will be suitable for all audiences. Get in touch with us today to discuss further!

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