The benefits of non-copyright music

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Non-copyright music

Non-copyright music gives you all the advantages of background music without the need for PPL or PRS licenses. It’s an exciting, viable alternative and a great way to save money without compromising on quality. At KVH Studios, our non-copyright music offering is unrivalled.

Significant savings

How much are you paying annually in music licenses? They can become ridiculously expensive, especially if you have large stores, which is why non-copyright could be the way forward. There’s no requirement for PPL and PRS licenses, which means you eliminate all the complexities and expenses that come with copyright music. Don’t break the bank; use non-copyright. It’s a brilliant way to still play background music whilst saving some pennies.

Non-Copyright Music Tailored to your Taste

Are you looking for In Store music for shops and stores or maybe for your gym chain or hospitality outlets? Non-copyright music could be your answer. With the extensive work the KVH Studios music team have put in over recent years, we now hold a huge catalogue of Non-copyright music tracks of a variety of styles and tempo. This now allows us the flexibility to tailor a music profile to your brand, listener and environment, to create the right ambience that brings benefits to your business.

There’s more?

We haven’t even mentioned the rise in use over recent years yet. The quality just keeps getting better. The growth in popularity means artists are experiencing increased interest and exposure, not just in retail environments but also from commercial radio stations and championed by the likes of BBC. What’s more, our profilers are highly skilled in seeking out what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to suitable music for commercial environments.

How Can KVH Studios Help?

By choosing us, you’ll have access to the biggest independent music platform and exclusive access to a huge range of emerging artists with whom we have direct relationships with. Recognising the best surfacing talent, KVH Studios invest heavily in sourcing music from independent artists and labels to build our ever-growing database of Non-copyright tracks. From this, our team of creatives are experts at curating playlists specifically for your individual brand, environment, budget and of course, preference.

Sound good? To find out more, get in touch! We’ve got tonnes of experience, advice and a massive variety of tracks all ready and waiting for you. Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 or drop us an email at

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