Why on-hold messaging?

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1. Make a good first impression

Hello? Is anyone there?…. Silence, it’s uncomfortable isn’t it? Will someone come back on the line or not… it really leaves you with a sense of uncertainty, especially when it lasts so long. So this is the first and most obvious reason to include an on-hold service on your telephony system. Make the right first impression and greet your customers with a welcoming voice and positive music. All whilst representing your brand personality.

2. Decrease perceived wait times

During busy periods, wait times on hold can be long. Keep your callers entertained and informed through a brand specific, professionally crafted on-hold service. Hand-selected tracks and friendly, interesting messaging will distract callers from the wait. This ensures a more positive experience and decreases the likelihood of hang-ups.

3. Promote to a captive audience

Develop new business and upsell to existing customers through on-hold messaging. It’s a great opportunity to inform a captive audience of the products, services and deals you have available, keeping them informed and driving both store and web traffic. Due to the ease of audio, this can also be updated regularly to ensure its fresh and accurate.

4. Boost efficiency

Manage call traffic by introducing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to direct callers to the appropriate department through the use of voice or DTMF tones input via a keypad. During busy periods, callers can be informed of the longer wait times and where they rank in the queue. This allows them to decide whether calling back at another time is more suitable. You can also provide a call back option, so the caller doesn’t have to wait on the line.

5. Save on costs

Through IVR systems, you can eliminate the need for a receptionist or employees being required to answer calls. This will increase productivity and potentially save on cost. You may feel this is a less personal approach, but you can always provide the option of speaking to an advisor, so callers have the choice.

Interested in adding an on-hold service to your telephony system? Our experienced production team have the skills and the knowledge in selecting music for a purpose and creating engaging and effective audio messaging.

Give us a call on 0113 233 7828 or email production@kvhstudios.com to find out more.

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