Motivate and inform your gym members with the full Audio-Visual package

By 11th August 2021Uncategorised
people working out to background music for gyms

When it comes to fitness, music is essential for increasing motivation and providing necessary distraction for a successful workout. Leading to return visits and member retention!

But everybody knows that right?

The question is, do you have a music strategy in place for your gyms and is it pulling its weight?

To guarantee the most positive and effective experience for your members, it’s important to create a motivational atmosphere and adrenaline buzz so members will immediately feel driven to work out and ‘in the zone’ upon arrival. Plus ensure they remain motivated throughout their visit. All whilst being on brand and frequently updated with new tracks for those regular visitors (and staff!).

Our highly experienced production team are specialists in profiling music for the gym setting. There is a great deal of science behind how specific tempos and styles have a powerful effect on workouts. Our curators rigorously apply this science and their in-depth music knowledge when hand-selecting tracks for your bespoke profile. Careful consideration is also taken in the scheduling of tracks to ensure a consistent rhythmic flow to maintain workout endurance.

We also understand that you may need an alternative ‘vibe’ in different areas of your fitness centre. By creating unique channels for different zones such as spa, changing rooms and swimming pool, you can ensure the most appropriate sound wherever your customers are spending their visit.

But it’s not just about sound… teamed with visual media, you can entertain, inform (and even distract) your members whilst they workout. Whether you choose impactful, motivational music videos that inspire, animated digital signage informing of the gym activity/competitions/services; or maybe a bit of both, visual media is an effective addition to the gym environment.

So make sure your music is pulling its weight and you are taking advantage of all the benefits available with expert curation and visual creative from KVH Studios.


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