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September 2021

NEW MUSIC THIS MONTH: September 2021

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What were you doing in 1981? A nine-year-old Nicholas Bewes was at primary school. In the world of music, ABBA released their album The Visitors. It was their last album of new music. Until 2021! Nick, as he is now known to everyone apart from his parents, is now KVH Studios’ Head of Music, and this month added ABBA’ s first new singles for 40 years to our services.

Here are some more highlights of the new tracks added over the few weeks…

From one of the biggest bands of all time, to a new act. The Let Go are Cole and Scout, two 19-year-olds from Washington who relocated to the UK to attend LIPA in Liverpool. Their latest single is a real gem of a track and shows that bigger things are surely ahead for this duo.

Next up is one of our favourite producers, Claptone, who has teamed up with one of the best voices in music, Seal, for a new single. It’s Seal’s first new music for 6 years and is taken from Claptone’s album Closer that is due in November. A fine track.

Another new name for you this month is The Big Image. The band from Birmingham have released a great indie/dance crossover track in the shape of Parallel Love Affair.

And finally this month, Ed Sheeran continues his quest to be number one for the rest of the year. He joined a selection of artists who have replaced themselves at the top of the Official Chart with Shivers, which is the latest release from his new album.

There you have it for September. Keep up to date with our new music additions by following us on Twitter @kvhstudiosmusic, and our New Music Spotify playlist .

restaurant music

Restaurant music and food – the perfect recipe!

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This summer we’ve had the joy of working with iconic brands Harry Ramsden’s and Deep Blue Restaurants to create two unique restaurant music channels of Great British classic tunes to support in the aesthetics, history, and mindset of the customer to create an enjoyable dining experience. In a short rollout, we provided each site with either just a player to connect to their existing music system or a full PA system install including amplifier and speakers, dependent on the requirements, as they returned to business and looked for a more cost-effective, high-quality music service.

Music has a huge impact on the hospitality experience. You instantly notice the atmosphere and it affects how we feel and behave. Restaurant music is essential to create the right ambience for your venue dependent on what you want to achieve. Whether that’s relaxed, excited, or stimulated, it’s easy to create the right vibe through music. And by getting it right you can ensure increased dwell time and therefore spend and return visits.

Through customised profiling for your brand, the music team at KVH Studios will carefully select the appropriate music styles and tempo to support the look and feel of your sites, as well as the type of cuisine and ethos of your brand. When chosen correctly, restaurant music can complement the food and drink you are serving, creating the perfect blend that enhances the experience.

Our music profilers will get to know your business and objectives to curate a music policy that matches your individual venues and evolves in line with customer demographic and footfall changes. Whether high tempo for high turnover or relaxed and steady to increase dwell time, we’ll work with you to achieve results.

Interested in learning about our music services for hospitality? Give us a call on 0113 233 7800 to find out more.

recording studios

Recording studios in the heart of Leeds!

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State of the art recording studios? Check! Award-winning production team? Check! Affordable pricing? Check!

We’re here, we’re ready and we’re eager to help with your next audio project.

Right in the heart of Leeds down the road from Channel 4 Headquarters and opposite the Sky Sports offices, KVH Studios offer professional studio hire and production for any audio you require.

Our soundproof studios are fully equipped with the latest audio technology including Ableton Live and Adobe Audition to guarantee ease of recording and high-quality sound first time. We also offer full creative support should you need help with the preparation of your audio such as concept creation and scripting, plus first-class post-production and distribution following your recording.

We have a regular stream of clients coming through our doors to record their audio projects each week including high profile celebrities from the world of TV, sports and entertainment, business clients or for personal pleasure.

We have a range of recording studios in different sizes and fit for purpose including our large production studio where we have capacity to record up to 4 people, with the option to add others into your session remotely via phone, Skype and WhatsApp as well as ISDN, source connect and IPDTL.

Whoever you are and whatever you need, our friendly team will make you feel right at home with our hospitality package including meeting room and breakout area provision with disabled access, toilets, free wi-fi, refreshments and transport organisation, should you need it. Plus, we can add visual branding into the studio should you be hosting a client or recording the session.

So if you need to record a podcast, audiobook, TV narration, commercial advertising or any kind of audio, we have everything you need to make your project run smoothly and to budget.

Get in touch today on 0113 233 7800 or to find out more information.

in store music

In store music – Turn it up! (Or down?)

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An in store music service isn’t just about the content, it’s also about where it’s played, and how loud you play it.

This might seem like a pretty insignificant and pointless detail to talk about; so long as you can hear it what does it matter, right? But that’s not always the case. Think about how you feel when something is too loud. It becomes almost distorted to hear. Or so soft that you struggle to hear it at all– it’s annoying! What’s more, it can completely ruin the effect and the potential influence a service has over your customer…


The last thing you want is your customers struggling to hear themselves, or more importantly, your colleagues. If your in store music is too loud, it can cause annoyance and worse, people to walk out!

Brand Awareness

Just to make it even more confusing, some brands actually use loud music as part of their store experience. Although it is unclear if this creates a positive or negative effect on basket spend or dwell time, or if it is worth a loss of functionality in store, as it’s usually advised to play in store music at lower volumes for effective influence.


Sometimes, a store or restaurant’s louder environments makes it difficult to play music at softer levels because it would just be drowned out. In which case you have to judge what would be the best option for your individual business. It can also be beneficial to change the volumes with the dayparts in order to respect different footfalls throughout the day for maximum effect.

Effect & Influence

We have spoken about the benefits of an in store music service on customers hundreds of times, which is why you shouldn’t let something as small as turning the volume up or down affect your service’s influence. Louder volumes, like playing nothing at all, effect people’s time perception. The average time a customer spends in store is shortened, in comparison to increased dwell time with quieter music.

Remember, each business has different requirements for their in store music service. Something that works for one might not work for another. If you have any questions regarding in-store music, get in touch with us at KVH Studios. We advise our clients based on their individual needs to create a service unique to their brand, nothing is off the shelf!

And of course, we offer the full package. Our services are provided with the technology to control such factors as volume in your environment. This allows you to be reactive to your customers and colleague needs. We can also tailor PA systems for each individual space from a basic amplifier and speakers to fully zoned, app-controlled systems.

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