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November 2021

New music


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We know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the end of November already! After a very slow start where Lockdown #3 between January – April felt like a year, the rest of the 2021 has flown by. And here we are with the last New Music Blog of the year. We have something special planned for next month, but as Take That once said – just have a little patience! Here’s a taster of some of the new music additions to our services in the last month…

We start with two disco divas, Kylie Minogue and Jessie Ware, teaming up for a new track from Kylie’s expanded album Disco.

The Stereophonics continue the build up to their new album OOCHYA! which is due for release in March next year, with the second track from the album, Do Ya Feel My Love? and it’s a cracker.

As it’s November, it’s time for another Children in Need single. And this year, BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 have teamed up to support a cover of an 80s classic from Fleetwood Mac. Niall Horan & Anne-Marie have given it a 2021 makeover with the help of some friends…as you will see from the video!

Have you heard of Conor Albert? If you haven’t, then you really should have a listen! Latest release Crescent Moon is one of the best tracks we’ve heard this month. You won’t be disappointed.

And finally, Franz Ferdinand have broken with tradition. They are releasing a greatest hits album, but it’s not coming out until March next year. Take a listen to one of the new tracks on the album, Billy Goodbye. Quite possibly the best track Roxy Music never recorded!

There you have it for this month. Until next time, follow us on Twitter @kvhstudiosmusic

Kwik Fit

KVH Studios launch brand new in-centre radio service across Kwik Fit network

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We are pleased to announce that we have completed a 700 site rollout of a brand new in-centre radio service to Kwik Fit – the UK’s leading automotive servicing & repair company.


Through an audio trial at six centres in 2020, Kwik Fit recognised the many benefits that own brand radio can bring to the centre environment. The service creates a welcoming and positive atmosphere for customers to enhance their in-centre experience. And for staff it supports in motivating them in their working day. It also improves lead generation through awareness of the products and services available. KVH Studios are delighted to have been chosen as their preferred supplier following this tender process.

Following the successful trial, we carried out a nationwide rollout of PA systems and digital players to the full Kwik Fit centre network across 6 months. The radio service is delivered via broadband allowing for an agile and flexible service to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. Plus capabilities such as centre-specific, day-parted, and weather-activated advertising.

The brand-new service features entertaining and informative presenter shows, seven days a week, plus creative advertising to inform and advise customers. All this is combined with an upbeat, vibrant mix of music tracks spanning the decades to appeal to a wide demographic and tailored to customer footfall. Updated regularly and continuously reviewed, this ensures the freshest, most engaging sound for the listeners.

Broadcast from KVH Studios, Kwik Fit Radio features four well-known presenters across the week to entertain, inform, and engage listeners in centre. Weekday mornings presenter Dave Rhodes has decades of radio experience working across most of the major groups in the industry as a presenter, programme controller, and occasional newsreader, while weekday afternoons presenter Jo Lloyd has presented network radio shows across the UK including on Real Radio, Smooth, and Heart.

Saturdays are presented by the vastly experienced Mike Nicholson who has hosted programmes across Bauer Media, Lincs FM, TalkSPORT, and BBC Radio 5 Live. Sundays have KVH Studios’ very own Head of Music Nick Bewes at the helm, whose radio career spans over two decades presenting local, national and in-store shows.

Andy Lane, Kwik Fit Marketing Director, said: “We were delighted with the results of the trial we carried out with KVH Studios. We could see clear benefits in the response from customers and from our centre employees. As a result, we are looking forward to seeing the impact following the full national rollout. We believe that KVH Studios has created a channel that will complement our existing communications and strengthen the relationship our customers have with the Kwik Fit brands.”

KVH Studios’ Commercial Director, Claire Martin, who has overseen the rollout said: “We are delighted to be working with such a fantastic brand and have the opportunity to create an entertaining and creative sound in this particular environment.”

Joe Muddiman, Head of Client Services, who has spearheaded the creative content for the new service adds: “This is such an exciting service for us to launch and the team at Kwik Fit are a pleasure to work with. Their enthusiasm for the service and recognition of the huge benefits it can bring to the business is a breath of fresh air, allowing us to creative a continuous flow of varied content to keep the service fresh and interesting.”

Christmas advertising

It’s not too late for a Christmas commercial radio campaign…

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With just under 6 weeks to go until the big day, Christmas advertising campaigns are well and truly under way! With every other ad on TV seemingly featuring twinkling lights, humongous roast turkeys, snowy picturesque landscapes, families laughing round an open fire and a partridge in a pear tree. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to tug on the heartstrings of the public, get people smiling, and most of all, get people talking. Just look at the John Lewis ads… With retail spend at its highest over the festive period, it’s also the perfect time to raise awareness of your products and offerings. Though Santa visits in a matter of weeks, it’s not too late to have your own Christmas advertising campaign through commercial radio. Radio adverts can be turned around quickly and are an effective way of reaching your audience. Just take a look at the benefits below…

Radio provides good company  

People tune in to radio to provide entertainment while they’re driving, doing chores, working and so on. For this reason, radio is seen as a ‘companion’. It provides an uplifting and entertaining experience to listeners, which is a valuable context for advertisers to be a part of.

Precise Targeting

The regionalised and localised nature of radio means advertisers can create campaigns focusing on key areas to their business. As different radio stations attract different listeners with different interests. It also offers advertisers the ability to talk to selective groups and demographics.

Radio breaks through the ‘avoidance’ barrier

People generally don’t like being sold to. They like to make their own decisions without businesses shoving marketing messages in their face left right and centre. Research shows that radio has one of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance. Listeners rarely switch stations and are willing to listen to any message that is relevant, engaging and entertaining.

Radio drives response

Radio has always been a strong ‘call to action’ medium, and with the advent of online radio, it’s even stronger. With consumers accessing more brands online, and with research showing that at any given time a fifth of people online are listening to the radio, it is the perfect medium to direct listeners to your site.


Interested in creating your own Christmas advertising campaign for commercial radio? Get in touch on 0113 233 7800. Our professional, experienced team can deliver projects quickly and effectively from our in-house, state-of-the-art audio production facilities in Leeds.

Looking for cost savings in 2022?

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At KVH Studios, we pride ourselves on being flexible, cost-effective, and innovative when it comes to saving costs for our clients. We can work to any budget and offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Over the past 5 years, there is one particular area we have invested a great deal of time, resource and enthusiasm into, having identified huge cost-savings for our clients, existing and new.

Non-copyright music, or royalty free as it’s also known, allows clients to forego paying music licenses due to the artists featured being unsigned. For large site businesses this is particularly worthwhile as clients can pay thousands each year on music licensing and this option eliminates that cost.

Back in 2008 we started our journey to build a high-quality non-copyright database that would provide a cost-effective alternative to using music affiliated to royalty collection societies PPL and PRS. With the added benefit of providing up and coming artists with a platform to showcase their music to a wide audience and gain vital exposure.

Over the years, appetite grew for royalty free music due to the improved suitability for commercial environments and the popularity outside of this, with commercial radio stations broadcasting tracks and the likes of the BBC championing artists. With this, around 2015 we turned our efforts to expansion and quality improvement of this database to allow us the same flexibility and control when profiling the tracks as we do with copyright music.

Today we are very pleased to be able to offer the biggest independent music platform in the UK with 250,000+ commercially friendly tracks, 35+ styles and profiling opportunities aligned with footfall and demographic plus seasonal to create effective and engaging music services for brands without compromise.

“In 2019, KVH Studios announced they had new updates to their non-copyright music. As a charity we are limited in the music we can play due to costs, so for us having a modern, vibrant and commercial feel to our instore music has been invaluable. The roll out of our new sound in-store was seamless from start to finish, and it’s been so refreshing for us to hear such positive feedback from our stores and customers regarding the new tracks.”               

Head of Marketing, Barnardo’s

We’ve had huge praise for our non-copyright music provision with nothing but positive feedback from clients and stores, successful awarding of business through comparison trials, song requests from staff and an increase in new clients taking the provision. All reinforcing quality assurance. And this work is ongoing as we continue to expand the quantity of tracks and style options for our clients.

“The non-copyright music from KVH Studios is the perfect choice for us, not only is it cost-effective but it’s always fresh and appropriate for the time of day. We don’t have to do anything, it’s all taken care of by KVH Studios so we don’t have to worry about it and can focus on our customers, and you’ll usually find yourself singing, humming or bopping along to the tunes. Great service.”   

Operations Manager, The Original Factory Shop

If you’re interested in switching to a non-copyright music provision for your store, restaurant, gym or bank, call us on 0113 233 7800 or email to find out more and start saving in 2022!

music supplier

Switching to KVH Studios as your music supplier couldn’t be easier!

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Change can be scary. We get it! OK so your music supplier hasn’t updated your tracks in a while, service levels aren’t great, and you can’t get a meeting with them for love nor money but it’s ok…it’s still serving its purpose so why bother with the upheaval of changing things right?

But what if it wasn’t an ‘upheaval’? What if you could get better quality, better service, and better value without any hassle?

With KVH Studios it’s easy!

Music supplier transition is a key area of expertise for us having managed many rollouts of different sizes and scales over the 30 years plus that we have been providing customised music services to the retail, hospitality and leisure industries.

Every rollout has allowed us to refine our process and add in more options for clients based on their individual needs. All in all this has made the process smooth and efficient which we pride ourselves on.

We’ve found the 3 key areas of concern to be resource, cost, and disruption when it comes to changing music supplier. So we have focused our efforts on ensuring we take these worries away…

So how do we do it?

  • High quality, low-cost music services tailored to your brand, demographic, and environment utilising our in-house production facilities and award-winning creative team
  • Free project management of the whole process from receipt of site list to service launch, allowing you to focus your own resource on other priorities within your business
  • Proactive creative of your music profile and voiced content by immersing ourselves in your brand and becoming an extension of your team
  • Meticulous rollout pre-planning through free telephone audits and information gathering
  • Plug and play, agile player self-installed for instant service avoiding engineer costs
  • Site communication support to ensure installations are seamless and disruption reduced
  • No service fees until rollout complete ensuring you don’t pay two suppliers at once

So don’t just put up with poor customer service, music that doesn’t fit your brand and old technology. Switch music supplier to KVH Studios with ease and take full advantage of the many benefits in-store radio can bring to your business – engaging customers, increasing sales, and motivating staff, all whilst keeping costs low.

Want to find out more? Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 or email


“We recently moved to KVH Studios after experiencing issues with our last music supplier. KVH Studios were helpful and constantly on hand throughout the whole transitioning period which enabled the switch over to be flawless. From account management to the support team, they are always available to help and answer any questions or queries that we have. We are excited to work with KVH Studios on expanding our brand through music and messaging.”

Central Operations Coordinator, The Original Factory Shop.
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