Ready to make savings on your media this spring?

By 16th March 2022Uncategorised

The sun has started to make an appearance and the evenings are getting lighter each day, but with price increases being talked about at every turn, we understand it’s hard to believe brighter days are on their way…

Your on-site media, such as background music and digital signage, is essential in creating a positive, entertaining and informative environment for your customers – all leading to brand loyalty and increased sales.

So, with very clear advantages and benefits, surely it must come at a high price… not with KVH Studios. We believe in providing high-quality, low-cost services with a high return on investment.

Here are 5 ways in which we do this…

  • FREE dual media player

We’ve worked hard over the last 7 years to be able to provide our clients with a free of charge audio and visual player when taking our services, with free replacements as standard.

  • License-FREE music

Another key area of focus has been on improving the quality and quantity of our royalty-free music tracks meaning we can now provide excellent non-copyright music services without the need for your business to pay licenses to PPL and PRS.

  •  FREE rollout

Due to the success of our new hand-held player and ability to deliver audio and visual content via various methods, including Wi-fi, we can now offer free of charge remote rollouts. Meaning there’s no cost to switch suppliers and we’ll project manage it for free.

  • FREE upgrades

Our technology and content capabilities are continuously developing with weather-activated advertising, automatic start and finish, and site-specific targeting being just some of the most recent updates. All of which are available to you free of charge if you want to use them.

And finally, our low monthly subscription fees are per site and tailored to YOUR individual requirements, meaning you just pay for the content you need, working to meet your budget.

Whilst other prices are going up, we’re determined to continue offering our services at a low cost without the compromise! So, if you’re interested in making savings on your music and visual services, now is the time to give us a call!

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