Inject personality and bring your pages to life by recording an audio version of your book with a professional narrator.

Much like the rise in podcasts, audiobooks are increasing in popularity at a fast rate. KVH Studios have the knowledge, set-up and experience to management your recording from start to finish.

Why Audiobooks?

More and more authors and publishing houses are recording audio versions of their books due to the many benefits they offer. Alongside building and enhancing literacy skills, audiobooks can increase positive thoughts and support you with your mental health. Much like podcasts, it’s something you can listen to whilst performing other tasks and are very popular prior to sleep to help you relax and give your eyes a break from a screen/blue light. Something we are all guilty of spending too much time doing.

End to End Management

Our experienced producers have been recording audio books for many years and take great pride in having a very good understanding of how to bring words off the paper and recorded quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. There are many things to consider when recording an audiobook such as narrator casting and direction, studio time allowance and set-up to ensure the best results. KVH Studios can handle the whole process with our end to end management.

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Things to Consider

Our extensive knowledge in selecting the right voiceover/s from our huge bank of qualified narrators is vital in reducing the possibility of mistakes and retakes therefore reducing studio time and ensuring a quick turnaround of your audio  project . Alongside this, considerations should include initial set-up time, allowance for potential discussion, average words recorded per minute and breaks to allow the narrator to refresh and recharge, as long reads can be tiring. KVH Studios can support you in determining an accurate timeline for your audiobook project through the preliminary consultation.


The right facilities for the job

Guarantee a high-quality, professional finish to your audiobook by using our state-of the art, purpose-built, sound-proof studios. Audiobook recordings can be lengthy so it’s important for the space to be comfortable. Our air-conditioned studios offer a relaxed, spacious environment that is fully COVID compliant. We have all the technical facilities required for a smooth recording including provision of script on tablet for ease of read and to remove unwanted noise, and amenities such as refreshments from our well-stocked studio fridge, toilets and free Wi-Fi. Plus, our friendly and helpful team will make it an easy and enjoyable experience for all. That’s why clients use us again and again!


KVH Studios have been a great addition to the out-of-London studios that we hire. They took care of a very high profile job for us recently with a narrator based near Leeds that included connecting the session to our producer remotely and nothing was too much bother. They are a pleasure to deal with and are both helpful and efficient


KVH Studios are a complete pleasure to work with. Efficient, helpful and creative, they always deliver an exceptional service.

PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSEEditor, Audiences and Audio

The team at KVH Studios made our recording experience seamless. During complex times, they were accommodating, flexible and most importantly, really lovely to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KVH Studios for a high quality audio production result!