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6 Reasons Music is Key for Gyms

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January – the month of new year’s resolutions and a pact to get fit and healthy! Not many people can imagine working out without some kind of music; whether it’s to entertain or motivate them, it’s an essential component of any gym. That’s why getting the music right is just as important as if it were a high end department store, chilled out bar or family friendly restaurant.

1. Music creates a motivational atmosphere

The right music in gyms has powerful motivational qualities that can help people throughout their workout. This is important for gyms as it creates an appealing atmosphere the moment customers enter the premises and ensures they’re more likely to return. Research conducted in April 2012 amongst 2,000 consumers found that more than half the respondents would visit the gym less frequently if it didn’t play music. If they visit less frequently, they’re less likely to continue their membership!

2. Music and exercise go hand in hand

Music has many benefits for those doing exercise. Gym music distracts people from the physical effort being used, and reduces the feeling of fatigue, allowing gym goers to train harder for longer. High tempo music also increases the heart rate which helps prepare people for exercise, and the rhythms of music help with motor coordination helping people move more fluidly and reduce chance of injury. The biggest benefit of all though is…it makes working out more enjoyable.

3. What type of music should your gym play?

Gyms should be playing high tempo music in the 120 to 140 beats per minute range. Dance music typically fits into this range and is a popular choice because it’s easy to listen to and the focus is on the beats and rhythms so you can easily time your exercise to the beat of the music without getting sidetracked by the lyrics and emotion of a track. Of course other styles work too, from rock to 80’s pop. KVH Studios have a huge database of music allowing gyms to match their music to the customer demographic and footfall at that moment in time.

4. Provides a necessary distraction

Gyms don’t want their customers to feel self-conscious when working out (which if we’re all honest we will have been at least once!) as this will have an negative impact on their experience. Instead, gyms need their customers to feel relaxed and focused on their work out at all times. Workout music helps people get in the zone, so they are less aware of others, and others are less aware of them.

5. No wires, no hassle!

Lots of people use mp3 players or smart phones for their workout music, but in gyms these can sometimes be a bit of distraction, like on a treadmill for example. Or if you’re laid on a bench and you’re lifting weights, the last thing you want to worry about is trapping the headphone wire under you and having the headphones pulled out of your ears! Also, people spend time changing their music, decreasing the time they use a specific machine etc. affecting the flow of the workout.

6. Radio is not the answer!

A gym owner might be tempted to play the radio throughout the gym floor, but it’s definitely not the answer. With radio you have no control over the music that’s played, so you can’t play the perfect music for your customers. There’s also the distraction of the presenters and advertising; we’ve even heard of one gym who inadvertently advertised a competitor’s offer because they had national radio playing! Gyms should have their own dedicated audio service playing music specifically for their customers.

Chat to one of our consultants today on 0113 233 7800 about the right music for your gym chain.


Staff Morale is Key to Your Retail Business

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January can make even the most jovial of us feel a bit lustreless. Christmas is over, the weather is harsh and there’s not much to be excited about. For your workforce, there’s just no room for the January blues. In retail and hospitality environments, your staff are the most important aspect of your brand. It is your staff that have the power to leave a lasting impression on your customers. It is your staff that are the deciding factor in whether a customer has a bad experience or a fantastic one. Keeping your staff motivated is therefore fundamental to your business; if your staff look happy to be there, customers will feel happy being there.

An ideal way to create a positive, inspiring and productive work environment is by playing background music. In a study by PPL and PRS for Music, they discovered 77% of small businesses found music improved the morale in the workplace. High morale leads to greater productivity, making music an effective and beneficial addition to the workplace. Having music on is so important to some firms that 22% said they would rather miss a day’s worth of trade than have no music playing!

The positive impact of music is down to its cognitive and emotive abilities; put simply, the way it makes people feel. 75% of respondents in the study said that having music playing in the background released tension and prevented awkward silences from occurring.

Psychologist, Dr Vicky Williamson, said: “A completely silent work environment can lack stimulation, interest and, for many people, a dynamic and creative source of energy.” She continued, “Music provides an effective and adaptable tool for bringing a sense of pleasure and relaxation to the work environment, thereby promoting a positive attitude, higher job satisfaction and boosting a sense of brand identity and loyalty.”

Music is a great addition to businesses but there are considerations; the music needs to be suitable, and the right licensing needs to be in place. KVH Studios are experts in creating the right music profile to suit your business requirements and your brand, as well as providing you with everything you need to know about music licensing.

Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 to find out how KVH Studios can help you motivate the staff in your business.


Why Radio Needs to Be Part of Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

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There was a time when advertising was simple; people would stand in the street banging a stick in a bucket shouting ‘apples for sale!’ and it was job done. Then in the 1400’s the printing press was invented and suddenly you could advertise your produce to a much wider audience. Then radio, TV and the internet came along, terms such as ‘guerrilla marketing’, ‘social media’ and ‘brand engagement’ started getting thrown about and it all got a bit less…simple. Here we take a look at why radio needs to be a part of your marketing strategy next year, no matter what new platform appears.

Online and Radio go hand in hand

Over the past decade we’ve been moving towards an increasingly digital world, where more and more brand activity takes place online; for example, searching for brands, ordering products online, viewing videos and even conversing with them. Radio is proven to have increased online searches for particular things after people have heard about them on the air waves, and at any given time a fifth of online users are also listening to the radio too, which shows that the two mediums work in harmony to drive responses.  

Radio maximises awareness

Radio doesn’t just work well alongside digital activity. Studies have been conducted into the effect radio has on TV campaigns, and results show that in terms of awareness, radio has a multiplier effect. One study found that if 10% of a given TV budget is allocated to radio instead, the efficiency of the campaign is increased by 15%. 

Appear everywhere at once

On average, people listen to 14 hours of radio each week and because radio ads are on so frequently, this has the effect of creating a sense of ubiquity for a brand. That is, they appear to be ‘everywhere at once’. A brand that is big on radio can receive a disproportionately large share of mind for itself, which is incredibly valuable in a world where advertisers are competing to get their message heard.

You can’t close your ears

Following on from the last point, this ‘clutter’ of marketing messages has lead to us humans developing a marketing radar, fine tuned to switch us off when we detect we’re being sold to (just think about how often you delete that spam email, throw away leaflets, switch channels during ad breaks, ignore flashing banner ads and so on). But radio is different. Radio actually has the lowest level of ad avoidance, along with cinema, and that’s because people tend to have a favourite station and stick to it. Radio provides good company on journeys, and when people are doing work, and is subsequently seen as a companion, which makes people more willing to listen to any ads.

We hope you found this post useful. If you’re interested in creating your own Radio ad campaign, then get in touch on 0113 233 7800 or email

We have high-quality, purpose-built studios right in the heart of Leeds ready for your next audio project. Our professional team can deliver projects quickly and effectively, whether you’re looking for radio ad production, specialist podcasts, interviews and more.


Now That’s What I Call 2018!

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Well, here we are. Another year nearly over…already! It only seems like last week that we were all shivering in the Beast from the East or sweating from what some said was the ‘hottest summer in living memory’.

Musically it has been a great year. We saw the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Friendly Fires, Florence & the Machine and Manic Street Preachers return with some fantastic new music.

There were new names to keep an eye on too. The brilliant Pale Waves released great song after great song and The Brits Critics Choice winner for 2019, Sam Fender, started to get attention and quite right too. Grace Carter released the sublime ‘Why Her Not Me’ to set the scene for what’s to come in 2019 and we can’t wait to hear more. And while we are talking sublime music, we have to mention the amazing Tom Misch. In our opinion, his album ‘Geography’ is one of the best of the year.

Anne-Marie released one of the best videos of the year with ‘2002’, and showed why many are calling her the breakout star of the year (Well supporting Ed Sheeran around the world isn’t a bad way to get you in front of a few people…)

Music phenomenon of the year has to be ‘The Greatest Showman’. The soundtrack has spent most of the year at number one in the album chart, the likes of Pink have re-recorded tracks for the new ‘Re-Imagined’ album as well, breathing new life in to the songs, plus ‘This is Me’ by the awesome Kaela Settle is a strong contender for song of the year…..

However, in our opinion, the song of the year was released in April. Ariana Grande returned with the superb ‘No Tears Left to Cry’, less than a year after the tragedy at one of her gigs in Manchester. The Observer described the track as ‘a dazzling exercise in pop lightness, bringing optimism after last year’s Manchester attack’. While the Guardian said it was ‘one of the most joyful, defiant celebrations of pop’.

Enjoy our look back at 2018. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has to bring!

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Crank up the Christmas Tunes!

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It’s that time of year, when it seems like the same 10 Christmas songs are being played over and over again…

But at KVH Studios, we take Christmas music very seriously. We start looking for new Christmas songs when the skies are still blue and, if we’re lucky, temperatures are soaring, ensuring our clients have the most appropriate music tracks to suit their brand.

Although we play the big hits, from classics such as Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby, to the golden eras of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s including Slade, Wizzard, Wham! and of course not forgetting Mariah, we do like to spring a surprise or two into our selections.

In recent years, the likes of Kylie, Sia and Gwen Stefani have all recorded Christmas albums with some great new tracks and new versions of the classics. All this and we haven’t even mentioned the modern Mr Christmas, Michael Bublé.

We hope you enjoy our selection of Christmas tunes, there are 24 delights, just like every Advent Calendar…

Check out the KVH Studios Music playlist on Spotify here!

Nick Bewes – Head of Music

The Science of Playing Christmas Music in store

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It’s Christmas, let’s whack some Slade on!

Leading up to Christmas, and throughout the holiday season, it’s befitting for retailers to play Christmas music. While it seems the obvious thing to do, believe it or not there’s a science behind it.

Eric Spangenberg, Ph.D, dean of the College of Business at Washington State University, who has studied the influence of music on holiday shopping, found that “holiday appropriate music can influence shoppers by increasing the amount of time spent in a store, their intention to revisit it, and intention to purchase.” He goes on to explain that some types of music work better than others, “Slower tempo music slows down shoppers, and they spend more time and money in store. Faster-paced music moves people through the store quicker than retailers would like.”*

Readers of our blog will know this also applies to music in general; so if everyday music has the same effect, why should stores make the effort to play Christmas music? It all boils down to Christmas music having the added benefit of seasonal relevance, which has an uplifting effect on shoppers. Have you ever seen Christmas lights, or smelled mulled wine, and suddenly ‘felt all Christmassy’? Christmas music has the same effect; it raises people’s spirits and creates an urge of excitement.

Christmas music also transforms the feel of a store, providing a richer, more engaging customer experience, which ties back to music increasing the amount of time spent in store and the likeliness to revisit.

There are do’s and don’ts when playing Christmas music. First of all you don’t want to play it prematurely because, as with any music, if you hear it too often it gets repetitive and can have an adverse effect on customer’s mood. Victoria Williamson, Ph.D, who conducts research on the psychology of music at Goldsmiths, University of London says, “there’s a U-shaped relationship between the amount of times we hear music that we like and our subsequent reaction to it.

First we like it a bit, then we like it more and more until it hits a peak. And then we crash down – we have overheard it. That’s when boredom and annoyance of the same sound hits home.”* As a rule of thumb, you should save playing Christmas music until December.

And secondly there is a vast amount of Christmas music out there, such as classical, winter wonderland music, through to cheesier, more jovial tunes, so you can select a style that is still in keeping with your store’s persona. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to play Slade!

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Why should you have your own LIVE radio show?

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It’s a scientific fact that music has a huge effect on the human brain, from enhancing mood to improving memory; the benefits that surround playing music are almost uncountable. It’s therefore essential that music should play a main role in your marketing techniques.

Okay, so you have your music, you have your happy customers, but you still feel like there’s something missing, something more you could do to improve the atmosphere?

Well, how about your very own radio show?

Live radio, like music, can create the perfect atmosphere for your customers, as well as keeping your content fresh and exciting on a day-to-day basis. From organising competitions, planning fundraisers or even having live phone-ins with special guests, the possibilities for live radio are almost endless.

What’s great is that having your own radio show can be very easy to plan and maintain, even for first time radio broadcasters. Here we show you the basics…

What’s it about?

The first thing to think about is the subject matter of your show. It should be something your store or brand is passionate about, or represents. Clothes store? How about a broadcast on the latest fashion and what your store is offering in conjunction? Food shop? How about a live cook-along or recipe ideas using the ingredients you sell?

Live or recorded?

If you don’t have the facilities to stream live shows, recorded podcasting can be a great alternative if you still want to give the effect of live radio. This means it can be recorded anytime and then played whenever you like – just be careful not to overplay as customers might realise and stop enjoying it!

Alternatively, going live is a great way to get connected with your customers and there are hundreds of exciting and interesting ways to do this to keep your customers listening, informed and entertained!
How often?

As with any radio it’s important to keep continuity as otherwise you’re in risk of confusing and frustrating your customers. When will your show air? How many times and for how long? Perhaps decide to air one in the morning and one in the afternoon on a Saturday, or whenever your store has the most footfall.


Having a live presenter is a great way to give your adverts an edge. People may be more inclined to listen when your radio has a mix of voiced advertisements and presenter led discussions about a product. This also means you don’t have to worry about length or time constrictions and it’s possible to change the content daily.

Special content?

If you’re doing a regular broadcast this can keep your show interesting and up to date. Especially with live shows, doing regular or one-off competitions, quizzes, song requests or phone-ins will keep both your customers and staff focused and entertained.

Once the basics are covered, the beauty of live radio is that you can change and adapt your show as much or as little as you like, and what could be more impressive or engaging than having your own presenter talking directly to your customers? We guarantee they will love it and you will reap the benefits!

Call us now on 0113 233 7800 to find out how KVH Studios can set up a live radio service for your stores. Our purpose-built studios and qualified presenters are ready when you are!

Are you setting the right atmosphere in your restaurant?

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There is NOTHING more important in a restaurant than atmosphere.

What’s the first thing that people notice when they walk into a restaurant? Before they’ve tasted the quality of the food, or experienced the friendly service?

They notice the ATMOSPHERE.

What is atmosphere? Beyond what somewhere looks like, more than the scent, atmosphere is the way a venue makes people feel – and they notice it right from the first second. And the most powerful controller of these feelings is SOUND.

Whether it’s going out for a relaxed lunch with their other half or a lively dinner with a group of friends, people want to feel a certain way. Setting the right mood ensures customers feel comfortable in the environment, have a sense of privacy and enjoy their experience.

And what does that mean for your brand?

Longer dwell time therefore more spend, word of mouth recommendations and returning customers.


KVH Studios can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your venue with MUSIC. From Dinner Jazz to Latin Dance; Chilled Acoustic to British Pop; we have every kind of genre you could imagine from every decade, to achieve your desired mood.

We create bespoke music services for leisure and hospitality establishments across the globe and our experienced team of music profilers are skilled in the science behind creating the right atmosphere to suit your customer demographic, footfall, brand personality and each of your individual sites.

And we all love choice. Allow us to create a suite of channels for you to choose from. You know your venue and customers better than anyone so we make sure you have the power to choose what’s playing where and when.

Let us find out about your brand and how we can help you as an individual client as everyone is different, that’s why we do things bespoke. Just give us a call on 0113 233 7800 or email

Don’t let the atmosphere in your sites fail you, create an environment your customers can’t stop talking about.

Ready for the big game?

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How can you bring the excitement of big sports tournaments into your stores?

How can you provide your customers with live updates so they don’t miss any of the action?

How can you increase upsell on products associated with national events?

How can you reduce staff absenteeism when the big games are on?

You may not have considered this as the solution, but the answer to all these questions is… In-Store Radio

Why? Because unlike other mediums such as POS, in-store radio has the power and ability to…

– Guarantee messages are delivered in-store without staff involvement
– Subliminally reach all customers at some point in their shopping journey
– Create a certain atmosphere within an environment through music and content
– Deliver content quickly and in real-time

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also an excellent opportunity for brands and suppliers to purchase ‘space’ on your audio service or sponsor content to maximise revenue.

So how could you do it?

The opportunities are endless when it comes to creating engaging and informative audio content around events…

– Bespoke promotional advertising on the products and campaigns you are featuring in-store
– Event build up with such features as pre-tournament reviews on the contenders, the ‘essentials list’ of products to purchase and interactive quizzes on past winners.
– Daily bulletins including a summary of yesterday’s action, all the latest news and a preview of upcoming matches featuring clips and interviews direct from the tournament.
– Live match coverage providing commentary of every kick of the ball or swing of the racket.

And we can’t forget those who just aren’t into sports. Reach all your customers by providing ‘The survival kit’ for husbands or wives who hear nothing but talk of the current tournament from their other half and highlight key promotional ranges to ‘get them through’ those nights in front of the TV.

At KVH Studios we have the creative team, delivery technology and sports relationships to provide show-stopping coverage of key events with excitement, buzz and passion to your customers and staff.

Don’t miss out on the action, contact KVH Studios today on 0113 233 7800 to start receiving your tailored in-store radio service.

Live at Leeds 2018

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Live at Leeds festival takes place across the city this Saturday with a fantastic selection of new artists, alongside more well-known acts. Since starting in 2007, the festival has built a reputation on booking the best emerging artists alongside more established acts from around the world. And this year is no different. Here KVH Studios Head of Music Nick Bewes picks some highlights for what promises to be a very busy but good day for a music lover…

GET CAPE, WEAR CAPE, FLY – 12noon @ The Key Club

We have been fans of Sam Duckworth, aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly for over a decade here at KVH Studios and he’s back with some new music this year. He will be one of the first acts on stage at the festival.

SUPERORGANISM – 2.45pm @ The Independent Stage – Stylus

A new for group made up of a vast array of musicians from all around the world, described by the NME as 2017’s buzziest, and most mysterious new band, They released their debut album earlier this year.

PEACE – 3.15pm @ Leeds Festival Stage, O2 Academy

Nearly four years ago, this band released the anthem that is Lovesick, and everyone took notice. Album number three Kindness is out the day before their show on the 5th May.

NICK J D HODGSON – 5:30pm @ Dork Stage, Church

Former Kaiser Chief Nick left the band in 2012 and spent his time writing & producing for other artists including Mark Ronson, John Newman & Hurts. Now he steps back in to the spotlight with some great tunes.

THE MAGIC GANG – 7.15pm @ Leeds Festival Stage, O2 Academy

This band have produced a debut album jam packed with great tunes, mixing Weezer and the Beach Boys. I kid you not.

We are now getting to the business end of the evening, with headliners The Vaccines on stage @ Leeds Festival Stage, O2 Academy from 9.00, Nadine Shah will be performing in the majestic surroundings of the CLASH Stage at the Holy Trinity Church from 9.30 while the Horrors will be doing the same at Dork Stage, Church, however…..

BRUNO MAJOR 11.00pm @ NME Stage, Headrow House

If you want to experience one of the most talented artists at the whole event, then get to Headrow House nice and early, because I suspect that this is going to be a busy one. If you haven’t heard Bruno’s music, you are really missing out, believe me. Blissful, soulful, romantic and the perfect cure for any matters of the heart are how Billboard described this amazing artist.

PALE WAVES 11.15pm @ DIY Stage Brudenell Social Club

One of the most hotly tipped bands of the 12 months draw things to a close, fittingly in one of the best venues in the North. Dreamy danceable indie pop with a small melancholic twist say some, I say just great tunes by a great new band.

There you go, just a small selection of the music on offer from 12noon on Saturday. If you are heading to the festival, wristband collection opens on Friday 4th May (Physical and e-tickets ONLY) at TRINITY KITCHEN from 4pm-8pm or THE WARDROBE, (St Peters Square) from 4pm-8pm. On Saturday 5th May with tickets already, head to Leeds College of Music or if you are collecting tickets, box office collections from The Wardrobe (St Peters Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH) from 9am- 6pm.

And don’t forget to download the official Live at Leeds App to get all details of the festival, stage times etc. It’s available for both Apple and Android.

Enjoy the music!