Increase motivation and improve workouts for higher member retention

When it comes to fitness, background for gyms is essential for increasing client’s motivation and providing necessary distraction through entertainment for a successful workout. In turn strengthening brand loyalty and ensuring member retention through return visits.

people working out to background music for gyms

Boost adrenaline and motivate your members

Not many people can imagine working out without some kind of music. The right music in gyms has powerful motivational qualities that can support your members in immediately feeling driven to work out and ‘in the zone’ when they walk through your doors and help them remain motivated throughout their visit. Music and exercise go hand in hand and has huge benefits. It can distract people from the physical effort being out in, and reduce the feeling of fatigue, allowing gym goers to train harder and longer and allow members to feel comfortable and less self-conscious when working out. But maybe the biggest benefit of all is it makes the workout more enjoyable.

Background Music

How can gyms benefit from a tailored service?

When it comes to the gym setting, there is a great deal of science behind how specific tempos and styles of music effect workout levels so it’s important the selection is carefully considered. High tempo music increases the heart rate which prepares your body for exercise, and the rhythms of music support with motor coordination helping people move more fluidly and reducing chance of injury. Our highly experienced production team are specialists in profiling music for a specific purpose and apply this science rigorously alongside their in-depth music knowledge to create a music profile and scheduling programme with a consistent rhythmic flow. Through hand-picking tracks with high-level beats per minute, from appropriate styles and changing in line with gym activity, you can guarantee your gym atmosphere will always be appealing and motivating.

Music Profiling
Man running on a treadmill in the gym
Having a rest after a long workout in the gym

Get in the zone with the full audio-visual package

With many different areas of the gym and leisure centre setting, its essential you are broadcasting the most appropriate sound and volume levels dependent on where your customers are spending their visit. Allow KVH Studios to create unique channels for your chill-out zones, spas, swimming pools and changing rooms that support the aesthetics and purpose of the area. And with our digital signage solutions, take the opportunity to entertain and inform your members in longer dwell time areas such as using equipment or relaxing after a workout.

Digital Signage