Guarantee a memorable experience for your guests to increase return visits and positive reviews

Background music for restaurants hotels and bars has a huge impact on the hospitality experience. Whether out for a meal, few drinks in a bar or entering the lobby for your hotel stay, you instantly notice the atmosphere and it affects how we feel and behave. Create the perfect ambience in your venue with background music from KVH Studios.

Person buying drinks in a bar playing background music for restaurants

Enhance the guest experience to leave them wanting more

Background music for restaurants, bars and hotels is essential to create the right ambience for your venue and ensure your customers have a positive and enjoyable experience. Whether you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed, or excited and stimulated, music has the power to create the vibe you want to achieve in your venue, overall increasing revenue for your business through longer dwell times and return visits.

Background Music

How can restauranteurs benefit from a tailored service?

Music has the ability to personify the concept of your venue instantly through careful selection of music styles and tempo that support the aesthetics and type of cuisine. When chosen correctly, it can complement the food and drink you’re serving, creating the perfect blend that enhances the experience. Our music profilers will get to know your business and objectives to curate a music policy that matches your individual venues and evolves in line with customer demographic and footfall changes. Whether high tempo for high turnover or relaxed and steady to increase dwell time, we’ll work with you to achieve results.

Music Profiling
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Flexibility for your venues

At KVH Studios, we understand the need for flexibility and relevance in the hospitality environment. Our agile player technology has the capability to provide zoned channels for different areas of your venue or across your chain, changes in volume levels to suit footfall traffic and time of day, and last-minute playlist adaptions for events. And with our advanced PA technology, we will design and install a bespoke sound system that guarantees optimum sound and coverage so your customers can enjoy a high-quality output.

Sound Systems

The KVH Studios music team have years of experience profiling music services for the hospitality sector working with a range of clients with different objectives…