Amplify customer mood and increase dwell time to boost sales

Background music for shops is very powerful in influencing customer behaviour, mood and mindset in the retail environment. But it’s important it’s the right music to portray your individual brand and suit your store network. Take advantage of the many benefits a tailored music service from KVH Studios can bring to your business.

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Enhance the shopping experience and increase spend

Background music for shops has a multitude of benefits. Maybe the most important being its ability to create an atmosphere that makes customers feel welcomed, positive, and relaxed in their surroundings. Silence can be uncomfortable and give the impression the store is about to close. Through music you can provide shoppers with a sense of privacy whilst they browse and improve their mood to increase dwell time. Overall boosting brand awareness and sales.

Background Music

How can retailers benefit from a tailored music service?

It’s important that the music in your stores reflects your brand, appeals to your customer demographic and is appropriate for the setting so as not to alienate or offend. However, in the retail environment, it’s much more than this. Music can have a strong influence on customer’s shopping behaviour. Whether it’s putting them in a positive mood, so they spend more money, or impacting the way in which they shop through tempo and style choice. Our music profilers will evaluate your individual business and objectives to build a bespoke music policy that changes in line with footfall traffic and time, whilst ensuring a consistent brand approach across your store estate that is effective and achieves results.

Music Profiling
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We understand one size doesn’t fit all

Our technology has been created with the retail environment in mind to suit the fast-changing needs of the industry and need for an individual approach to each store. We can create a variety of channels to suit different store types, regions, or locations so the music is always appropriate to that unique space and listener for maximum impact. It also allows you to give your retailers a choice from pre-selected, brand approved playlists giving them a sense of control and influence on their own store, plus you can create the right ambience for individual events with playlist adaptions. If you’re looking to promote your brand, products and services, add voiced content to your service to increase sales. Our agile system means changes can be made quickly meaning your service is always relevant and fresh.

Sound Systems

Talk directly to you captive audience to boost sales

Use your bespoke music service to promote your brand, advertise offers and inform customers of services or facilities in store that they may not be aware of through the addition of voiced content in between tracks. Through careful selection of voiceovers and presenters to represent your personality, and creative scripting to inspire and encourage sales, your audio content can be scheduled by time and location, and even triggered by data such as weather, to reach the desired demographic and prompt a response. All content creation, including recording, production, and scheduling, is managed in house so you can brief direct and let us take care of everything.

In-Store Radio
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KVH Studios have vast experience and expertise in providing background music and in-store radio to the retail industry and work with a range of FMCG, clothing, homewares, and charity clients