Create a stress-free environment and decrease perceived wait times whilst upselling to your captive audience

Whether purchasing a car or waiting for a repair, the experience should be a calm and positive one. Through playing appropriate background music for showrooms, you can achieve the desired atmosphere that eases and entertains your customers, whilst increasing brand loyalty and trust.

car dealership with background music for showrooms playing

Set the tone and drive positivity for increased sales 

Background music for automotive sales and repair centres allows you to create a positive and upbeat atmosphere for your customers to put them in the mood and feel more comfortable with large spend. Long periods of time are spent in these environments so entertain, inform, inspire and advise, all whilst using your music service as a tool to create a sense of privacy and mask potentially sensitive conversations. And don’t forget about the staff, keep them motivated and entertained during quieter periods so they’re in the right mood to sell and provide support.

Background Music

How can dealerships benefit from a tailored service?

Music selection is key to ensuring you’re not offending or alienating any customers and to align with your brand identity. Within a showroom environment, it’s also a delicate balance between creating a positive and motivating atmosphere to encourage sales, but without distracting the customer from the consultation or buying process. The KVH Studios team have vast experience in profiling music for a purpose, taking into consideration your objectives, brand values and target audience to build a background music service that achieves results. Plus, with our wide choice of high-quality royalty-free music, we can meet your objectives whilst you save on licensing costs.

Music Profiling
couple deciding whether to buy a car
vehicle being repaired in a workshop

Take the opportunity to upsell during wait times

Many dealerships and service centres choose to play commercial or local radio. Whilst you may feel this is the easiest option, there are many downsides when doing this. Not only is the music selection potentially unsuitable for your brand, environment, and demographics, but with no control over content, you are leaving listeners at the behest of the presenters and exposing them to gloomy news reports and competitor adverts. All this can affect the positivity of the atmosphere, possibly alienating and at times offending customers. Or worse, driving them to a different dealership. With customers being on site for long periods of time, use this opportunity to promote YOUR brand, YOUR products and YOUR services through an own-brand radio service from KVH Studios and take advantage of the many benefits this can bring to your business.

In-Store Radio