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2021 round up

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What a year we’ve had and 2021 has certainly been a busy one at KVH Studios! From new product development to new clients, award wins to getting out on the road again, lots has been happening and we thought we’d share our top 10 stories from our quarterly newsletters so you can get a taste of what KVH Studios is all about and the exciting services we offer to retail, hospitality and many more sectors…

Our brand-new dual media player is now available!

Not only have we upgraded our audio only player this year to a smaller, more compact device that has higher speed and more storage, but we’ve also developed our hardware to broadcast both audio AND visual! This is great news for our dual service clients, old and new, as it eliminates the high cost of our previous visual player and reduces the amount of hardware required for the services. Our dual player can fit in the palm of your hand and can easily be self-installed so is a huge improvement in the technology we provide. If you’re toying with the idea of a full audio-visual system, check out the services we provide and get in touch to find out more!

Award-winning production team

We’re so proud to say that our awards are really mounting up now with another couple of wins under our belt in 2021. This summer we won a One Voice Conference Award once again, this time for our Pancake Day advertisement for SPAR Radio and in October we won another VOX award for Best Retail Commercial for our Nisa King Pot Noodles advertisement. Our team of producers and scriptwriters continue to knock it out of the park with their creative and it’s so great to be recognised for all the hard work that is put into making our services sound the very best they can be and ensure our advertising is engaging and effective for our clients.

In-store radio launched into Vivo stores!

We continue to be the ‘go to’ supplier of in-store media for the convenience sector as we rolled out our radio services to Northern Ireland brand, Vivo this year. Offering fresh/frozen goods in a modern store layout, 35 stores have been installed so far from their 100-site estate including VivoXtra and Vivo Essentials. The service includes copyright music and creative advertising from a Northern Irish voiceover.

Extrawurst arrives in the UK!

For the last few months of the year, our design team have been working hard on creating brand new menu board and digital signage designs and animations for Extrawurst UK, with the first site opening in Merry Hill Shopping Centre in late December. The Extrawurst brand is well known in its country of origin Germany, and many other countries across the world, for its delicious bratwurst based, food-on-the-go meals but is a brand new launch for the UK. Everything was created from scratch and we worked hard alongside their marketing team to bring the brand to life through on-site visuals. We’re excited for the next new site opening soon!

Great British sounds launch across Harry Ramsden’s and Deep Blue Restaurants

This summer we’ve had the joy of working with iconic brands Harry Ramsden’s and Deep Blue Restaurants to create two unique channels of Great British classic tunes to support in the aesthetics, history, and mindset of the customer to deliver an enjoyable dining experience. In a short rollout, we provided each site with either just a player to connect to an existing music system or full sound system including amplifier and speakers, dependent on the requirements, as they returned to business and look for a more cost-effective, high-quality music service. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Rollout across Kwik Fit and Tyre Pros estate complete!

Through an audio trial at six centres in 2020 comparing our services against other suppliers, leading automotive servicing and repair company, Kwik Fit, recognised the many benefits that own brand radio can bring to the centre environment and how KVH Studios can provide the best quality and service in the field. The service creates a welcoming and positive atmosphere for both customers, to enhance their in-centre experience, and staff, to motivate them in their working day, plus improves lead generation through awareness of the products and services available. KVH Studios were delighted to have been chosen as their preferred supplier following this tender process.

The brand-new service features entertaining and informative shows presented by four well-known presenters, seven days a week across all 700+ centres, plus creative advertising to inform and advise customers. All this is combined with an upbeat, vibrant mix of music tracks spanning the decades to appeal to a wide demographic and tailored to customer footfall.

As this is a brand-new service for Kwik Fit, the KVH Studios engineering team installed full audio kit including amplifiers, speakers, volume controls and KVH Media Players across the centre network. This digital delivery allows the client to take advantage of the agile and flexible capabilities offered such as centre-specific, day-parted, and weather-activated advertising.

The rollout was successfully completed in November and it’s a pleasure to be working with an exciting new client.

Andy Lane, Kwik Fit Marketing Director, said: “We were delighted with the results of the trial we carried out with KVH Studios. We could see clear benefits in the response from customers and from our centre employees. As a result, we are looking forward to seeing the impact following the full national rollout. We believe that KVH Studios has created a channel that will complement our existing communications and strengthen the relationship our customers have with the Kwik Fit brands.”

Taking Superdrug Live on the road again!

After skipping a year because of that rubbish thing that happened, we were so pleased to hear that the Superdrug Supplier Conference would be back in October. It was time yet again to pack up the big pink phone box and showcase Superdrug Live in-store radio to suppliers. The team shared how brands can benefit from advertising on live radio and how the service provides ‘That Superdrug Feeling!’. We can’t wait to hopefully get out on the road again this year to more events with our clients.

SPAR RDCs make the non-copyright switch!

As our non-copyright music database continues to improve in quality, variety and choice, long-standing and new clients are drawn towards the cost savings our music selection can bring without compromise. Many clients have made the switch in recent years with positive feedback from store staff including Topps Tiles and House of Fraser. And most recently this summer, AFBlakemore, part of SPAR UK, asked us to transfer their company-owned stores across to the SPAR Radio royalty free channel. If you’re interested in reducing or eliminating license fees for part of or your full estate, get in touch to find out more about our non-copyright solution and receive a free demo.

Moto Rugby opens with our digital signage package

Our digital signage solutions come in all shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of environments and purposes. Not only do we retrofit sites, but we also work with clients to develop new solutions throughout new builds.

In 2018, long-standing client Moto asked us to provide them with an audio-visual package for a new site they were planning to open. They were looking for a state-of-the-art, digital display solution that incorporated both a large screen video wall and individual menu screens for each of their concessions.

The entire process required close planning and development with a number of different teams within Moto, including close collaboration with builders, architects and developers.

Our digital solution provides live BBC news, real-time traffic and weather information, automated day-parted visual menus, and the opportunity for third-party and external advertising with all scheduling and licensing managed by KVH Studios. In addition, we implemented a digital audio system as an extension of the service we offer across the estate.

The new £40m Moto site at Rugby finally opened in May of 2021 following delays due to Covid-19 and it looks fantastic. KVH Studios is so proud to be a part of this fantastic new development and so glad to hear our client is impressed and pleased with the results.

A superstar service for a superstore launch

Across 2021, we have developed our digital signage services even further, and in the last few months, we have been working with our long-term client Barnardo’s on digital signage for their new superstore which opened in Coventry in October. It’s the first of its kind and is their biggest store in the UK so was a great opportunity to launch new in-store media. Not only did KVH Studios work with them to install and showcase video content but we also developed a touch screen tablet solution for customers to be able to donate, shop the eBay store, apply to be a volunteer and much more whilst in store. We’re so pleased to have been able to support our client in this new venture and look forward to providing our interactive digital signage services to more clients in 2022.

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In-Store Music and In-Store Radio: What’s the difference?

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Retailers use In-Store Music to create the right atmosphere for their business. At KVH Studios, we ensure the music you play in your business isn’t just suitable for your particular environment, but also features an array of tracks that reflect your brand. We also provide In-Store radio, which allows you to add your own bespoke content into the mix as well.

We’ve all been in a bad mood in a shop before, spent 5 minutes inside and just thought ‘not today, I’m going home.’ Well, it was discovered that music releases dopamine. What does this mean? Well it is scientifically proven that it eases anxiety and brightens up your day. Put some positive tunes on in the background of your store and you’ll have happy customers that will want to return. It’s also important to know your audience. Do you need laidback music? Or some tunes with a bit of bass? Whatever suits your demographic, our music library is overflowing with tens of thousands of tracks suitable for a range of audiences, all commercially friendly and screened for profanities and derogatory lyrics so you don’t need to fret over inappropriate content.

Or you may want to consider In-Store Radio. The difference between the two is that with In-Store radio you can give your brand a voice. It is an audio channel created for you. Much like regular radio but eliminating any competitive advertising and keeping the focus solely on your brand and customer to increase dwell time and therefore spend.

When you visit a shop, there’s no escaping what is playing through the speakers, so use this wisely. You’ve got a captive audience ready to spend money, so it’s the ideal opportunity to inform them of products and offers they may not be aware of. And with our in-store radio services, we make it easy to broadcast creative radio advertisements scheduled throughout your bespoke music policy. Whether it’s Christmas time and you want some festive tracks on, intertwined with the details about your festive deals; or it’s summer so you want to feature upbeat tunes and the scoop on your ice-cream sale, we can make it happen!

Our talented, experienced, award-winning production team can bring any of your promotions or key messages to life in a manner of ways. From high-concept creatives (with sound effects and bespoke music beds), to presenter-led content to really give it that authentic and engaging radio feel. If you’re not sure which is best then our creative account management team are on hand to help from concept through to scripting and creation.

Now you know the difference, consider which might benefit your business more. Both have their advantages and of course it depends on your type of business and the products you sell. In-Store music can be beneficial for all businesses (when done right), so the key is thinking about whether you’d also benefit from having content. Traditionally this is best suited for bigger businesses and FMCG, and if you’ve got multiple stores, our creative team can programme your content right down to individual store level at specific times. We can even set triggers for pre-recorded content to broadcast when specific things happen. Like when the temperature reaches a particular level, your advertisement for ice lollies will broadcast in the locations applicable. Brands such as Superdrug, SPAR, The Range and many more benefit from this tailored approach and see increased upsell from doing so.

The best thing? You don’t have to worry about the how or the science, the team at KVH Studios have the extensive experience and knowledge to create a bespoke service that meets the needs of your individual brand, listener and environment. Just give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 and we’d be happy to put together a proposal for you!


Returning to Retail

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Today is the day our friends in the retail industry have been patiently waiting for, as non-essential shops finally re-open. And of course, it’s not just the staff that are excited, customers can’t wait to get back to enjoying the in-store shopping experience again. Nothing compares to browsing around your favourite store or having a shopping day with friends. And let’s face it, it’s another step closer to normality and a chance to wear something other than joggers!

At KVH Studios we want to help businesses make that switch from online to In-Store as smooth as possible.

After spending so much time in a lockdown, it is understandable that the public may feel a bit uneasy going back into a communal setting. Be empathetic! The transition will be challenging for everyone, and as businesses it is our duty to try to reduce stress for people as much as we can.

In-Store Music

Did you know listening to music can be a tremendous stress relief? Studies show it can reduce stress levels by up to 65%, relaxing the mind and body. At KVH Studios, we provide In-Store music services curated bespoke to your individual brand, target audience and values, from our ever-growing music database of fully licensed copyright, sound-a-like covers and non-copyright/royalty-free tracks.

Whether you are looking at copyright music for customers to experience that instant familiarity of current tracks and iconic anthems of the past, or non-copyright music to help save on licence fees, KVH Studios will work with your team to create a music profile that will put your customers at ease whilst they shop.

Keep in mind that the right song can change a person’s mood in a matter of minutes, it’s so easy to improve customer’s emotional state. If you can make a happy customer; why wouldn’t you? If someone is in low spirits, chances are they won’t spend as long in the store, or make purchases. Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable will elevate a person’s shopping experience with you and in turn increase chances of them making a purchase and returning. Music is a collective experience that makes you feel ‘together,’ overcoming the physical separation. At this time, we should be trying to help people feel less isolated after so long in quarantine, let KVH Studios help your business do that.

Not only that, but we understand it has been a tough year for retail businesses. With our ‘full In-Store music package,’ we’ll not only make sure you are fully licensed but also that you’re paying the right amount. We do this by looking at factors such as venue, size and how the music is broadcast. Our full package includes consultancy, programming, licensing, delivery, installation and aftercare. However, each of these are optional and in turn adaptable to your budget, keeping your costs as low as we can!

Tailor your Playlist

At KVH Studios, our comprehensive brand profiling creates a unique ‘sound palette’; a concise audio representation of your retail brand but broad enough in scale to flex and change throughout the day reflecting customer footfall, in-store energy, and elicit the desired listener reaction whilst browsing.


Many people are just drained of energy- which is expected! We have been in and out of lockdowns and isolations for over a year now, actually having some form of social interaction again is bound to cause fatigue. Adapt your music to fit the mood. We can add some more upbeat tracks to your playlist to hopefully put a spring in people’s steps or at least have them tapping their foot in the queue. It’s also important to day part your service to match the mood of the time of day, such as chilled tunes in the morning, or in busy periods to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for impatient customers. Maybe have more cheery bops during slow hours to up staff morale.

Our music profilers have the knowledge and experience on what works dependent on such factors as the type of store/products, average dwell time and location, so let them do all the hard work to ensure the music is spot on at all times.

In-Store Messaging

Where appropriate, we can intersperse your music with content to promote products, offers and services, along with short branding messages to reinforce the values and support that your brand stands for.

Coronavirus has definitely impacted our lives greatly, and with retail re-opening, social distancing will still be in place. COVID-19 rules seem to be changing all the time and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with what’s allowed and what is not. If you sometimes get confused, think about how the general public feel!

The government have asked companies to make announcements reminding people to follow social distancing advice and clean their hands regularly. This is so easy to do with audio. With your own in-store radio service provided by KVH Studios, we can script, record and schedule messaging informing your customers and staff on how to stay safe. And with everything created in-house from our purpose-built studios, your announcements can be updated quickly should rules change.

We’re certain your customers will appreciate it, and with our team of technically skilled creatives, your playlist will be suitable for all audiences. Get in touch with us today to discuss further!



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Here we are, it’s time for the first new music review of 2020 from KVH Studios, all have which have been added to our in-store music services.

We start with a duet by two singers with a combined age of 143, who have sold one or two records in the 50 years they have been in the music industry. It’s the title track from Ozzy Osbourne’s new album which is released in February and features another legend in the shape of Sir Elton John on vocals and piano. And it’s not just those two, it also features Slash & Duff from Guns N Roses and Chad from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oh, and it’s a cracking single.

At the other end of musical scale, Celeste is starting out. She’s the Brits Rising Star and the winner of the BBC Sound of 2020 Poll. Her new single Stop this Flame is so different from her last track Strange, which shows how good she is.

We’ve been big fans of the amazing Ella Eyre for so many years, having burst onto the scene with Rudimental’s Waiting All Night. Now she’s back with the first new music from her second solo album.

Another singer returning, but after a little bit longer than Ella, is Andrew Roachford. He hit the charts in 1989 with Cuddly Toy and is back with a superb new single Love Remedy. It’s taken from his 11th album Twice in a Lifetime, which is out in April.

April also sees the release of Gregory Porter’s new album All Rise. The first taste of the album is Superb Revival. He says of the track “Yes, you could say that I went big,” and he does. It’s a single with a big sound. And we like that sound.

Keep up to date with all our new music additions on our Spotify playlist.


2019 In Review

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Happy New Year everyone!

With the majority of us back to work today and starting a brand-new year (and decade!), we thought we’d take a quick look back and review 2019 before diving into 2020.

And what a year to look back on. For KVH Studios, many would say it was our best year yet and we certainly finished for the Christmas break on a high and excited about what’s to come.

So let’s look at some highlights…

New clients!

2019 was a bumper year for taking on new clients of different sizes and types. Some of the big ones included the launch of Superdrug Live in March, following a successful tender win in 2018, which broadcasts a live show daily, including dual presenters on a Saturday, alongside supplier advertising. This was shortly followed by the launch of the Ann Summers audio and visual service in May. July saw the launch of the two-channel music service for Debenhams including time sensitive/automated messaging and Motorpoint Radio launched that same month. And most recently in November, we launched a digital music and advertising service for The Original Factory Shop upgrading them from a CD service and allowing them to promote key campaigns.

With many more in the pipeline for launch in 2020, we’re excited to keep this fast growth of our client base going, but let’s not forget the development of our existing client services which we have retained many long-term contracts with across 2019 and have seen a huge expansion of the services we provide…

New services!

Alongside providing a much more attentive and pro-active service to our clients, a key goal for 2019 was to expand our offering outside of in-store radio, allowing us to provide ‘the full media package’ cutting out the need for our clients to have different suppliers for different services.

The first objective was to expand our digital signage services in response to a distinct need from our clients and the most obvious development in our industry, with audio and visual going hand in hand. We of course have always had it available to our clients in the past as an ‘add on’ but it was this year where we really set about making it a full service; expanding our knowledge in the area, bringing expertise into the team and developing our technology bespoke to requirements. We’re now proud to be providing digital signage services to Costcutter and Ann Summers with a number of new launches in the works for other clients in 2020. Check out the additions we made to our website in September of this year here!

In summer we proudly produced ‘The Beauty of it all’ podcast for Superdrug which hit the top spot in the Health and Beauty charts and trended number one on iTunes. We’ve had plenty of experience in recording podcasts for a number of clients in our very own in-house studios, but this high-profile project allowed us to work with different talent and celebrities, produce externally and manage the whole upload and promotion across all the top podcast platforms. We also created bespoke music and advertising for each episode. This experience has allowed us to open up our podcast services further and we have another big exciting project coming up in 2020.

This past year also saw us putting our data-triggered content capabilities into play, growth of estates through new installations into client acquisitions, development of music only services into content, commercial radio production for new clients and full licensing management, all of which allows our customers to use us for a number of purposes.

Our creativity reached new heights this year through expansion of team skillset and exploring new production opportunities. To the point where we won our first VOX award in October for Best Retail/Service Message or Commercial (IVR/In-Store). What an achievement by the team!

And that’s just the highlights! It’s been a very busy year but a fantastic one as we finish with a stronger, tighter team than ever and look forward to the arrival of two new starters in January to support in our growth.

There’s certainly no quiet January for us as we go head first into a jam-packed month of pitches, rollouts and new launches which we look forward to sharing with you in the coming months.

We’re raring to go for this new year ahead and we wish all of you a very successful and happy one!

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How Can You Boost In Store Experience Through Audio?

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Music is the perfect way to create an atmosphere in store and put customers and colleagues in certain moods leading to many benefits. But there’s so much more you can do with your in store radio service.

By talking to your captive audience through in-store radio, you have a powerful marketing and information platform that can support with up-selling of products, training on new lines or mirroring external media. All of which ensure a continuation of the customer journey.

Check out just a few of the ways you could do this through your in store radio…

in store radio


Radio presenters have the ability to raise the mood of both customers and colleagues. They know their audience and can relate to the listeners by keeping them up to date about the latest products and services. They’re not just a voice in the sky, they’re your advisor, source of inspiration and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. By building a trusted bond, the confidence of the customer’s purchase increases as well as their connection to the brand. Whether live or pre-recorded, content is fresh, reactive and current, providing a varied and creative service to increase engagement.


KVH Studios have vast experience of scripting and producing effective and engaging messaging to promote products/services to drive sales and increase dwell time. All content is created in-house from our purpose-built studios ensuring your brief is executed efficiently and effectively. Our team are experts in aligning your messaging to your existing marketing efforts, helping clients boost sales by more than 300%. Plus, with our program reporting and media centre support, clients have been successful in generating revenue on their services.

Colleague Interaction

Business updates/colleague shows out of hours or competitions/quizzes/requests during customer hours encourage colleagues to engage directly with the service through social media or emailing/texting any specific messages. This can have a significant impact on their working day, providing them with a sense of involvement. This motivation increases positivity, which spills over into their interactions with customers.

Wider communications

Mirroring content, music and sounds from social media, TV and other channels to ensure a consistent brand voice across all your media – externally and internally. Social media content, campaigns and user interaction can be regularly referenced through your audio content, encouraging customer engagement with your brand and further interaction with social.


A firm station identity can be created with exciting idents and music beds/sonic logos created specifically for your brand that change throughout the day/seasons. These short bursts showcase your bespoke service and serve to program your service so it changes with time.


Fresh, dynamic content to help promote the key events of each calendar year relevant to your brand, with bespoke scripting, music and sounds. And for those big national events, include coverage on your service bringing the action on site to reduce staff absenteeism and building excitement for customers increasing sales.

To find out more about how KVH Studios can build an in store radio service inclusive of these elements for your brand, give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 or email





BBC Introducing 2019 – Artist of the Year

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Here at KVH Studios, we curate and program over 70 different music channels. We don’t work on a one size fits all approach. Our clients have different needs. Some want nothing but the biggest hits from across the decades. However, some of our clients are looking for something different, something new. We are always on the lookout for songs and artists that are producing music away from the mainstream. And there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing them cross over into the spotlight, for everyone else to enjoy.

Celeste is the name of an artist you are going to hear a lot more of in 2020. She has just been named as the latest BBC Introducing Artist of the Year. And today, she has also been announced as the winner of the new BRIT’s Rising Star Award for 2020. And rightly so. Celeste follows in the footsteps of Tom Grennan, Izzy Bizu, Jack Garratt and Catfish and the Bottlemen in being awarded the BBC Introducing honour and all of them featured on our playlists before receiving the accolade. The only winner we didn’t play beforehand was Declan McKenna who won the award 2017.

Celeste has been on our radar here at KVH Studios since we received the track ‘Father’s Son’ from her record company back in February. However, it was with the release of the superb ‘Strange in September’ when it became obvious that Celeste had something to make her stand out from the crowd. It was so different from everything else that was around. It’s achingly simple in its approach. No theatrics, no in your face production. Her voice is the star of the show. It doesn’t need anything else.

Celeste says that her debut album will be out in by the end of 2020. We have a feeling that it will be worth the wait!

To find out more about our bespoke music curation for your brand, give our consultants a call today on 0113 233 7800.

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WELCOME TO KVH STUDIOS: The Original Factory Shop

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KVH Studios are excited to announce we are now providing in-store radio to The Original Factory Shop, across their full estate of stores in the UK.

Since 1969, so celebrating it’s 50th birthday this year, The Original Factory Shop has been sitting at the heart of communities across the UK, offering incredible value, choice and quality, with customers relying on their wide range of high street labels and big brand deals with up to 70% off RRP across fashion, beauty, home and more.

The brand was looking for a new in-store radio supplier with a higher quality and variety of music, creativity around their messaging and a more proactive approach towards the account management and development of their audio service.

KVH Studios were successful in showcasing our ability to meet these requirements, plus more, through demonstrations and a store trial. Following this, we upgraded the delivery at each store to a network solution by providing each site with a KVH Media Player, giving the brand the ability to target content to individual sites, and supported them with self-installation. This ensured no costs were incurred in transitioning suppliers.

KVH Studios provide The Original Factory Shop with customer profiled music and creative messaging including branding, advertising and features in line with their marketing strategy.

We’re thrilled to be working with The Original Factory Shop as an extensive of their marketing team and look forward to supporting them with their objectives through the power of in-store radio.

To find out more about our bespoke music and messaging services including how you can save money on licensing costs with non-copyright music, give one of our creative consultants a call on 0113 233 7800 today.



IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Nick Bewes – Head of Music

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How long have you been at KVH Studios?
I started as a freelance presenter in 2006 before joining the team full-time later that year and becoming Head of Music in 2009.

What does your job involve?
The simple answer is that I listen to music and talk between songs. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I listen to every piece of music that gets added to our music services, for several reasons. Most importantly, I listen for lyrical content. Even if it’s a big hit single and getting played on Radio 1 or Capital, we have to be more careful.

When a customer is in store, they can’t turn it off or down like they can in a car or at home if something ‘grown up’ comes on. My personal taste doesn’t come into deciding whether a song goes in to play. The main thing is whether the song will do a job for one of or more of our clients, if it does then it gets added.

I’m in charge of thousands of tracks and over 70 different music channels across all of our music platforms. I also work with our account managers to make sure that our clients receive the right music for their brand. I’m also a presenter on our live in-store services, in addition to managing our team of presenters we have on rotation for the live shows. This includes making sure they are talking about the right things for the brand and coaching them on presenting in-store radio.

What did you do before you worked at KVH Studios?
I was a breakfast show presenter, head of music and programme controller at a local radio station in the Yorkshire Dales. Before that I worked in the print trade for 11 years.

What do you love most about what you do?
I’ve always been a massive music fan, so being able to discover and share new music for a living is ideal! Some clients just want the hits, but others want something more adventurous, so I’m always looking for new music. I’ve playlisted bands months, sometimes even a year before they have had a number one single, which is always a good feeling. Years & Years and Clean Bandit are just a couple to name who were played on our services long before they had a single that topped the chart.

Also, my job has given me the opportunity to interview so many interesting people. I’ve been able to talk with Phil Spencer from Location Location Location about all things houses and home improvements, show off my (very) limited kitchen skills with Nigella Lawson and James Martin – he never did take me up on my invitation to sample my cooking. I’ve also interviewed quite a few X Factor winners (and losers), authors, reality stars and a Spice Girl!

What’s your favourite memory at KVH Studios?
Being promoted to Head of Music in 2009 was pretty amazing, dream job alert! However, I worked on a project with one of our clients a few years ago which was one of the best things I’ve ever been involved with in the 20 years I’ve worked in radio. The client came to us and said they were going to be doing a Sky Dive for charity and they wanted their staff to get involved, so we ran promos and talked about it on air. Once the selection process was completed, a few months later we started to record interviews with the 25 members of staff who were going to throw themselves out of a plane at 13,000 feet, all in the name of charity.  These were broadcast on air so all the company knew how everyone was doing with fundraiser.

Then it was the big day and we went to the airfield and recorded everything that was going on. We chatted to the sky divers, we recorded training sessions and interviewed everyone after they had done the jump. We even had a marriage proposal (thankfully the answer was yes!). This was all edited in to a special programme on their service and we sent a CD of the show to all of those that had completed the sky dive. It showed how important their radio service was to their colleagues. There were only 25 people actually jumping out of the plane but the whole company got involved, fundraising and supporting them. It was an amazing experience to be part of. Even if my feet were firmly planted on the ground!

How would you describe KVH Studios in 3 words?
Passionate, Knowledgeable, Professional

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite music track?
For someone in my job, that is an impossible question to answer. It can depend on my mood, how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. Whilst I obviously love discovering new music, there are some artists and songs that I will always go back to such as Ozzy Osbourne, Bonobo, Manic Street Preachers, Submotion Orchestra, U2, Elbow, Pet Shop Boys, Matchbox Twenty, New Order, Bublé….

But if you force me, I’m going down the sentimental route and I’ll pick the song that was playing when my wife Sharon walked down the aisle at our wedding, Tom Odell’s ‘Grow Old With Me‘. That’s the best thing about music, it provokes memories and creates emotional ties.

What do you like to do when you’re not at KVH Studios?
I write new music reviews for an online music blog and I’m also on the review team for Sofar Sounds in Leeds, deciding whether bands and artists are suitable for their live shows. I’m also involved in our local community centre, where we put classes and events on and we have a monthly community cinema which I host. Oh yes and I spend time with my wife. And family. And friends! Love doing the usual, watching TV and going to the cinema, going to gigs and theatre. I’d like to read more, but don’t seem to have much time for that, sadly. I’m building a nice collection though for when I do.

Christmas campaign

It’s Not Too Late for a Christmas Campaign!

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It’s 6 weeks to go until the big day and the Christmas ad campaigns are well and truly underway. With every other ad on TV seemingly featuring twinkling lights, humongous roast turkeys, snowy picturesque landscapes, families laughing round an open fire and a partridge in a pear tree, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to tug on the heartstrings of the public, get people smiling, and most of all get people talking. Retail spend is at its highest over the festive period so it’s the perfect time to raise awareness of your products and offerings. Though Santa visits in a matter of weeks, it’s not too late to have your own Christmas campaign either. Radio adverts can be turned around quickly and are an effective way of reaching your audience. Just take a look at the benefits below…

Radio provides good company  

People tune in to radio to provide entertainment whilst they’re driving, doing chores, working and so on. For this reason, radio is seen as a ‘companion’, providing an uplifting and entertaining experience to listeners, which is a valuable context for advertisers to be a part of.

Precise Targeting

The regionalised and localised nature of radio means advertisers can create campaigns focusing on key areas to their business. As different radio stations attract different listeners with different interests, it also offers advertisers the ability to talk to selective groups and demographics.

Radio breaks through the ‘avoidance’ barrier

People generally don’t like being sold to. They like to make their own decisions without businesses shoving marketing messages in their face left, right and centre. Research shows that radio has one of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance. Listeners rarely switch stations and are willing to listen to any message that is relevant, engaging and entertaining.

Radio drives response

Radio has always been a strong ‘call to action’ medium, and online radio is stronger than ever. With consumers accessing more brands online, it is the perfect medium to direct listeners to your site.

We hope you found this post useful. If you’re interested in creating your own Christmas campaign then get in touch with our production team on 0113 233 7800 or

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