IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Glenn Pinder – Head of Audio Operations

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How long have you been at KVH Studios?
In this role 4 ½ years – In total around 15 years presenting on a number of in-store services.

What does your job involve?
Working together with our talented team of creative writers, talented producers, sound designers, presenters & voice overs is to bring audio to life and make the best audio content and creative for clients around the world. Also presenting the morning show Monday to Friday on one of long-standing live services, Topps Tiles Radio, across 370+ stores.

What did you do before you worked at KVH Studios?
Regional Breakfast and freelance radio presenter, events host and DJ (20+ Years).

What do you love most about what you do?
Every day offers a different challenge.
I’m lucky as I get to work across the different brands we provide audio to, each with their own unique sound and brand values.
Getting the audio to match those with the talent we have on the team is a lot of fun.

What’s your favourite memory at KVH Studios?
So many to choose from but launching any brand new service is up there with my favourite moments.
I love the challenge from the outset and the sense of achievement the team gets once it has all come together.

How would you describe KVH Studios in 3 words?
Passionate – Imaginative – Fun

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite music track?
This can change on a daily basis and dependent on mood plus, I get to listen to a lot of different types of music.
I love most genres but my fave all time track is probably ‘Daryl Hall – Wait for Me‘, such a powerful track.

What do you like to do when you’re not at KVH Studios?
Other than being a doting dad and spending time with my family, I play drums in a band called Colin, gigging with the guys is a lot of fun. I also enjoy walks in the country with our dogs, good food, music and motorcycling.

Radio Audio Week 2019 – Get to Know the Jargon…

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Next week is ‘Radio Audio Week’ – a cross-industry initiative celebrating the best of UK radio and audio. So with this in mind, here at KVH Studios we thought we’d share some information around the jargon used in the industry for those of you that wonder what certain terms mean. Why? Because we’re experts in all sorts of radio and audio production; from radio distribution to advert creation, ISDN and radio days…

Advert Creation
It’s easy to turn on a microphone and record a voiceover artist, but unless you have the right expertise or creative flair you can never be sure you’re getting the best out of your audio. It’s important that you talk with your creative consultant and producer to be clear about your needs, aims and ideas for your advert. They’re the experts in the field and can help you right from day one; coming up with initial ideas to polishing the finished product they’ll make sure it’s the best it can be!

ISDN works similar to a phone call, except the quality of sound is just as clear as if the person was sat in the studio using the microphone there. There’s different levels of IDSN quality too, and depending on the requirements of the client we can cater for almost all lines.

Radio Day
A radio day is when a voiceover or interviewee comes to visit us at our studios to talk to a list of different people; mainly this includes interviews with radio stations across the country. By the use of ISDN it means voiceovers don’t have to travel to every station to record, as it sounds just as good as if they were there. This is a great option for clients who need a voiceover but don’t have the time to get them to their own studios.

A podcast is typically an episodic services of digital audio files that a listener can stream or download to listen to. They will have a specific theme, topic or objective and take the form of a conversation/interview/story. KVH Studios have the facilities to record such audio due to the space and equipment featured in our main production studio plus the expertise in uploading and managing podcast through Acast, iTunes and Spotify.

Producers don’t just stop when the mic goes off – post production includes anything from cutting the audio down to the creation of a full radio advertisement to adding a specifically created music bed and sound effects. Our team has a wide range of editing options to bring voices to life and post-production can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your production.

Radio Distribution
As well as coming up with the ideas and creating adverts, it’s important for studios to build a relationship with local and national radio stations to ensure a smooth distribution process. Although a client has to book the space themselves, the finished audio can be sent to stations directly from the studios – making it nice and easy for our clients!

KVH Studios cater for all kind of clients, from what we’ve mentioned here to many more. If you have any questions about any of our services, including bespoke audio solutions for business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on: 0113 233 7800 or drop us an email at

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@kvhstudios) or like us on Facebook (/kvhstudios) and if you’d like to know more about Radio Audio Week, visit

Live at Leeds Preview

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It’s that time of year again – the start of festival season. Later in the year there’s Reading+Leeds, Download, Latitude, Bestial, Creamfields, Isle of Wight, All Points East, TRNSMT and of course, Glastonbury is back this year. Starting things off, here in Leeds, it’s ‘Live at Leeds’ this weekend.

It’s one of the best festivals around, for many reasons. You don’t need to camp, it’s not going to get muddy even if it rains (because it’s held in a city) and, let’s be honest, it’s just amazing! It’s held in various venues across Leeds City Centre and you can go from venue to venue to see your favourite artists or discover new music you love, whilst enjoying everything the city centre has to offer!

Our Head of Music, Nick Bewes, has created a playlist to highlight some of the acts to check out on the day, it mixes the new artists alongside more well-known names.

His personal picks include Leeds very own ‘Tallsaint’ and ‘Talkboy’, up and coming trio ‘whenyoung’, Brit award winner Sam Fender and the amazing Sundara Karma.

For all the details on who is on where and when, head to, or download their app and get planning!

Things to Consider When Creating a Radio Ad

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Radio advertising offers businesses several benefits, including speedy turnaround times, highly targeted audiences and the opportunity to get a direct response. This makes it an attractive medium for reaching out to people. Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to creating a radio ad…

Know your audience

Whatever you’re wanting to advertise, whether it’s a product, service, a special offer or event, your target audience must be at the forefront of your mind when creating marketing communications. Aside from knowing their typical age, gender and spending power, ask yourself, does your audience respond well to humour? Are they busy people, and therefore difficult to engage with? Having clear answers to these questions and more, will lead to the creative solution being as effective as possible. Having a clearly defined target audience will also help you decide where and when your ad appears.

Stick to one core message

When you’ve paid for advertising space, whether it’s a standard 30 second slot or shorter/longer, it can be really tempting to cram as much information into that time as possible. Too much information, however, leads to a diluted and confusing message that is difficult for the audience to digest. Instead of speeding through a list of specifications, features and bits of information, pick one core message, typically a benefit to the listener, and focus on that. Which leads us on to the next consideration…

Strong call to action

A strong call to action is perhaps the most important element of your advert, after all, you are advertising because you want to provoke a response from your audience; you want it to lead to something, whether it’s a listener picking up the phone, visiting your website, heading to their nearest store, casting a vote, signing up to receive a catalogue and so on! You need to decide what the next step in the process is for the audience, and concentrate on that single call to action. Asking your audience to do multiple actions will confuse them.

Invest in production

Each individual piece of marketing communication for a company, whether it’s a brochure, an editorial or an advert for example, has an effect on the public’s perception of your brand. If your advert is offensive, people will think the brand is insensitive. Too formal and people will view the brand as prudish. In the case of radio commercials, if the advert comes across as ‘low value’, then the audience will assume you provide a low value product or service. It might be tempting to cut costs when it comes to producing a radio commercial because there’s an immediate benefit, i.e. you save money, but in the long run this can be costly because of the impression left on the audience. So our final tip is to invest in the production of your radio ad. A well-produced radio commercial is more effective at engaging your audience, and more likely to get a response.

We hope you found this post useful. If you’ve got any questions regarding radio advertising, or you’re interested in a hassle free quote, we’re a simple phone call away – 0113 233 7800. Be sure to like us on Instagram and Facebook or follow us on twitter for more useful posts.

Are Brands Using Audio Effectively?

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“Sound is a nutrient for the nervous system. Love your ears…they are much more important than you ever realised.” – Prof. Dr. Alfred Tomati.

We’ve become so reliant on our visual sense these days that we undervalue our most deft and primal sense: the sense of sound. If we asked you to think of the Pepsi brand, immediately you’d think of the colours blue, red and white, you’d be able to visualise their circular logo, and perhaps picture the product in a tall glass with ice; but what does the brand ‘sound’ like?

Sound can help shape a customer’s perception of a brand, and shouldn’t be discarded from the overall brand toolkit, especially as it’s very effective on a subconscious level. Sound adds dimension, music adds emotion, and emotion creates memories.

From a retail and hospitality perspective, music adds a more compelling level of sensory experience that engages customers, thus adding to the overall brand experience, and ultimately enhancing people’s perceptions of a brand.

Just as brands have strict guidelines on the appearance and usage of logos and typefaces, they should also have guidelines to indicate what their brand ‘sounds’ like. In advertisements, brands that use music that matches their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than those who use irrelevant or no music. Again, in a retail or hospitality environment, it is important the music used matches the brands identity, as it will inadvertently shape the customer’s perception of the brand.

This is why our clients are given a music policy, designed by our music profilers with the help of the client’s marketing team, which means every song they play in store, or in their bar, restaurant, bank or gym, is always on brand and always adding to the brand experience in a positive way.

The next time you’re in a shop or restaurant, pay attention to the music and think about how it makes you feel. What does it say about the brand? Is it how you’d imagine the brand to sound?

We hope you found this post useful. We’ll be there to help you as you make your journey into finding the right music for your business. Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 to find out more.


Top Tips for Record Store Day 2019

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This Saturday, music lovers and particularly, vinyl lovers, will be queued from the early hours – some maybe even from the night before – outside their favourite musical mecca (record shop) to try and bag themselves some rare pieces of music. Yes, it’s Record Store Day 2019. Our Head of Music, Nick Bewes, looks at the history of the event and shares his tips for this year…

This is the day that independent record shops across the UK, and around the world, celebrate their shared love of records. There are hundreds of special releases from new acts, as well as recognised “superstars”.

It began in 2008, when there were just 10 special releases, and only 9 record stores in the UK took part, including the legendary Leeds shop, Jumbo Records. I’ve visited Jumbo on many occasions over the decades and it’s a special place, but on Record Store Day it’s even better. Everyone in the queue is there for the same reason, to buy some vinyl. People chat while waiting and it can be quite a wait! There’s usually some live performances as well to keep you entertained.

Check out the list of this year’s releases here In my experience, I would choose your ‘A List’ of tracks you want, then a ‘B List’, because unless you are very, very lucky, you unfortunately won’t always get everything you want. The last time I went, I didn’t get any of my first choices, but still bagged some great releases!

In true ‘High Fidelity’ style, here are my top 3 record shops to visit this Saturday (or any time to be honest) to experience Record Store Day at its best….

1 – Jumbo Records, Leeds

I’ve been spending money at this shop for 30 years, on and off. On Saturday, there’s live music from the brilliant Talkboy and Bang Bang Romeo.

2 – Loafers Vinyl, Halifax

A new entry from this shop in the beautiful surroundings of Piece Hall in Halifax. It’s got a really cool vibe, but don’t take my word for it. They have just won the Yorkshire Choice Award for New Starter Business of the Year. They have live music from Steve Pilgrim of Paul Weller’s band on Saturday.

3 – Piccadilly Records, Manchester

Another of the original UK stores to take part back in 2008, this is a great shop with a well-earned reputation. It was even featured in the last series of ITV’s Cold Feet. On Saturday, they have DJ sets from Tim Burgess of The Charlatans and A Man Called Adam.

Hope you all enjoy the day!

Nick Bewes – Head of Music

Be Relevant, Be Personal, Be Responsive!

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One minute it’s pouring down, next minute it’s blazing sunshine. Usually it’s, do you take a brolly or make sure you’ve got your sunglasses handy? The predictably unpredictable UK weather doesn’t just dictate our mood – it has a hugely profound effect on our purchasing behaviour across a wide range of industries.

So how do retail stores keep up with this and ensure the in-store messaging remains relevant and decisive against the indecisive British weather?

Weather-responsive advertising targets customers based on the local conditions and, unlike print, the medium of in-store radio can be quickly updated with relevant content reactive to the ever-changing weather.

From advertising ice-creams in supermarkets to sun cream in health and beauty, raincoats in clothing stores to outdoor furniture in garden centres, being adaptive to the weather and serving promotions and messages that are relevant to the customer at that time can be very effective in upselling to your captive audience in store.

So how does it work?

There are 3 main elements needed to make this happen:

The KVH Media Player

When connected to a broadband network, whether this be a physical LAN, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G SIM, the KVH Media Player has the ability to broadcast audio content by date/time and to individual or groups of stores. This allows your dedicated Account Manager to schedule your service exactly as you require.

As well as grouping stores by characteristics such as product offering and prices, by utilising live weather data, advertisements can be scheduled geographically in-line with the conditions around each store. Sudden change of weather? No problem, content can be ‘pushed’ to the affected sites within the hour.

The KVH In-house Studios

Our team of creative writers and producers can prepare a bank of content that match your brand and strategy requirements in our purpose-built audio studios. Don’t have anything prepared for the scorching sunshine that’s suddenly been forecast? One of your products or prices has changed? No need to worry, our production studios are in-house so no outsourcing is required, meaning content can be briefed direct and created with speed.

The KVH Studios team

Your dedicated Account Manager, producer and technical support are all on hand to create, implement and execute your weather-responsive campaign ensuring you don’t have to do the thinking when the sun comes out, you can just pop your shades on and enjoy it knowing your campaign is running successfully.

So that’s…

  • Flexible and targeted content scheduling with the KVH Media Player
  • Speedy and efficient content creation in the KVH production studios
  • Dedicated and experienced content management by the KVH Studios team

Ready to start responsive and targeted advertising in your stores? Give KVH Studios a call today on 0113 233 7800 or email to find out more!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasting

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Podcasts are a great way to share insight and information with customers in a fun and engaging way, helping to differentiate your business. If you don’t podcast already, then consider them a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy. Podcasts can take any format and are excellent for discussions, debates, reviews, updates, tutorials and more, and with audio it’s easy to convey passion and enthusiasm for your product or service. To help you take the leap into podcasting, we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to follow…


Make it Professional

Poor sound quality can immediately deter listeners and damage your image. Get it recorded and produced professionally to ensure impeccable quality.

Focus on your content

Content is the most important aspect of your podcast. To keep the listeners engaged, the content needs to be interesting and relevant to your audience.

Research your topics

Podcasts are the most engaging when they contain natural exchanges or monologues; as opposed to being scripted. Doing plenty of research around the chosen topic will ensure you’re confident talking about it without a script.

Keep your audience in mind

As already mentioned – content is key. For an effective podcast, structure the content around your audience. Ask yourself what they would like to hear, or learn about, in your podcast.

Add variation

If you’re planning on creating a podcast series then variation will ensure listeners become fans and subscribers. You could vary the people involved, the topics discussed, or the format of the podcast; whether it’s a review, a debate, an informal chat, a countdown etc.

Include an Audio Logo

An audio logo, as well as intro and outro music will brand your podcast, make it memorable and help set it apart from others.

Include a Call to Action

What do you want to achieve with your podcast? Do you want to direct people to a website, encourage them to fill in a form, or even purchase something?  Include a call to action telling them what to do, therefore keeping the conversation going between you and your customers.



Decide your topic, outline the main points you want to include and stick to them. If you start to meander around the subject area you’ll create a muddled podcast with no focus; which could cost you listeners.

Make it too long…

There’s no definite answer to ‘how long is too long?’ as it depends on how interesting your content is and how much time your audience are willing to spend listening to it. Media players allow you to see how long an audio piece is, so if a user clicks and sees that it’s 30 minutes long, will they click to listen? Or be put off? If you have a lot to talk about, consider splitting it into a series of podcasts.

Podcast for Promotion

If you’re planning on using podcasts to sell your products and services…don’t! Podcasting is about sharing great content that your customers can benefit from. Provide interesting content and valuable insight and the sales will look after themselves.

Forget to have fun!

Your customers are more likely to keep listening if your podcast is fun and entertaining. Laughter is infectious and if you’re able to make your audience smile they’re more likely to share your podcast with others.

We hope you found this post useful. If you’ve got any questions regarding the production of a podcast, or you’re interested in a hassle free quote, we’re a simple phone call away – 0113 233 7800. Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter and Instagram for more useful posts.

Turn It Up! (Or Down!)

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An in store music service isn’t just about the content, it’s also about where it’s played, and how loud you play it.

This might seem like a pretty insignificant detail to talk about; so long as you can hear it what does it matter, right? But that’s not always the case. Think about how you feel when something is too loud and it becomes almost distorted to hear, or so soft that you struggle to hear it at all – it’s annoying! What’s more, it can completely ruin the effect and the potential influence a service has over your customer…

The last thing you want is your customers struggling to hear themselves, or more importantly, your colleagues. If your music is too loud, it can not only cause annoyance, but also for people to walk out.

Brand Awareness
Just to make it even more confusing, some brands actually use loud music as part of their store experience. Although it is unclear if this creates a positive or negative effect on basket spend or dwell time, or if it is worth a loss of functionality in store, as it’s usually advised to play music at lower volumes for effective influence.

Sometimes, a store or restaurant’s louder environments makes it difficult to play music at softer levels because it would just be drowned out. In which case you have to judge what would be the best option for your individual business. It can also be beneficial to change the volumes with the day-parts in order to respect different footfalls throughout the day for maximum effect.

Effect & Influence
We have spoken about the benefits of an in-store music service on customers hundreds of times, which is why you shouldn’t let something as small as turning the volume up or down affect your service’s influence. Louder volumes, like playing nothing at all, effects people’s time perception, as the average time a customer spends in store is shortened, in comparison to increased dwell time with quieter music.

Remember, each business has different requirements for their in-store music service, and something that works for one might not work for another. If you have any questions regarding an in-store music service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at KVH Studios. We advise our clients based on their individual needs to create a service unique to their brand. Nothing is off the shelf!

And of course, we offer the full package. Our services are provided with the technology to control such factors as volume in your environment, so you can be reactive to your customers and colleagues needs. We also tailor PA systems for each individual space from a basic amplifier and speakers to full zoned, app-controlled systems.  

Call today on 0113 233 7800 to speak to one of our consultants.

Why In-Store Radio?

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When customers walk into your stores, what do they hear? Do they hear silence? The conversations of others? A playlist on one of your staff member’s iPods? Dull background music? Whatever they hear has an effect on their perceptions of your store and brand. If they don’t like the silence, they’ll feel awkward. If they don’t like your in-store music, they won’t like the ambience, if they don’t like the ambience, they won’t like the experience. One way to try and retain control over people’s perceptions of your store is to have your own dedicated in-store radio service.

What is In-Store Radio?

In-store radio is your very own bespoke audio channel. It’s just like regular Radio but is created and produced to enhance YOUR brand and cater to the interests of YOUR customers.

Here are some of the benefits to having your own in-store radio service…

Bespoke music policy

With an in-store radio service, you play music that is chosen specifically to suit your customers and your brand. The music can be tailored to reflect footfall and the moods of shoppers throughout the day, being chilled out and soothing during quiet periods, and more upbeat during busy periods. The music can also reflect seasonal events and special occasions such as Christmas. As the music is all pre-selected, it’s also screened for profanity and inappropriate content, so you don’t have to worry about complaints either. And for the ultimate choice, you can have several channels for your individual stores to choose from, ensuring an overall brand feel yet appropriate for specific store types / customers / location.

Control the customer experience

The in-store music has a huge impact on the ‘feel’ of the store, and is therefore fundamental in creating the ideal customer experience. If you’ve got lots of stores, you’ll want to make sure the customer experience is consistent throughout each one. This is impossible to do if the staff are playing their own music, whether by CD, iPod or public radio. In-store radio is the perfect way to manage and control this experience across each store.

Upsell, upsell, upsell!

Your customers aren’t just shoppers, they’re a captive audience. Whilst you have their attention, shout about all the great deals you have with in-store radio advertising! Whether your customers are visiting with a specific purchase in mind or just having a casual look around, the opportunity is there to upsell. Take that opportunity and make them aware of new products, current offers, services available, competitions and more! With a mixture of quality music and informative in-store radio ads, you can provide your customers with an entertaining, helpful and engaging experience.

Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 to start reaping the benefits of in-store radio in your stores.