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The Rise of Digital Signage

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Advertising has been defined as one of the most powerful, persuasive and manipulative tools, helping to influence both spending habits and shape society.

With the retail sector moving at an incredibly fast pace and technology continuing to evolve, marketing gurus are always on the lookout for innovative ways to attract the eye of the consumer.

One of the most popular methods of recent times is digital signage. You may have noticed that an increasing number of businesses from banks, gyms, shopping centres, sports stadiums, universities, airports and even convenience stores are taking advantage of this exciting advertising platform.

With such a varied amount of industries getting involved, it’s clear to see that it plays a pivotal role in improving the customer experience and journey.

But what are some of the main advantages of advertising in this way?

Connecting your brand with your audience

First impressions mean a lot in business and it’s important to remember, you don’t get a second chance to make one.

Digital advertising offers tactical, real-time, responsive campaigns which can instantly attract your customer demographic and allow them to connect with content on a deeper level. So much so, that 84% of UK retailers regard digital signage as an opportunity to raise brand awareness.*

As well as this, it helps to advertise products in line with other media such as radio, leaflets and POS, therefore ensuring promotions are consistent across a variety of platforms. In other words, the consumer is hearing and seeing the same promotion whilst in-store. This combination of sight and sound means that customers are offered a call to action, using more than one sense which really helps to bring a brand to life in a way that POS can’t.

The benefits of digital signage aren’t just limited to the in-store experience either. Displays can also be used to attract attention from those passing by the store and therefore increase traffic into the store.

Screens help to provide a visual stimulus by enhancing the in-store experience and atmosphere. They’re visually dynamic and customers will perceive the brand to be just as innovative as well as ‘with the times’.

Reducing waste and operating costs

As the importance in the awareness of climate change continues to grow, sustainable forms of advertising, such as digital, means that we are making a conscious effort to move away from obsolete methods which need replacing when no longer relevant. It’s very simple for a designer to alter a file and upload it quickly, meaning no paper waste.

Not only do screens allow businesses to only show content which is relevant but they also give more control tailoring certain campaigns to certain stores, which is indicative of the environment. A growing number of companies are beginning to recognise the important of this and the sooner we act on this together, the better.

It’s hassle-free and easy to set up

KVH Studios have utilised and worked in development with a new platform allowing for new benefits and opportunities when it comes to media screen provision.

Firstly, the equipment is small and compact, more cost effective, robust and expandable.

The software is accessible by the client as well as the supplier, its fresh and updated regularly and you can log in and access from any location. The service can also features regular news updates, weather reports, the time and date as well as specific branding.

With 25 years in the industry, KVH Studios also provide a quick and hassle-free installation process offering a variety of different kit options to suit the needs of your business.

And most importantly..

Digital advertising helps to increase sales

Customers are creatures of habit and often buy the same items on each visit. Media screen advertising helps to break that cycle.

Additional revenue can be earned by educating customers about what options are available in-store, including any current promotions that are running. It’s a great way to upsell on particular items or even let the customer know what else they can find in-store.

It is also very likely to increase the amount of impulse buys in-store too which is ultimately what every business owner wants. Talk Retail explain that ‘digital signage can increase the chance of an impulse purchase between 18% and 20%’. An extremely impressive statistic.

For more information on media screen advertising and how this can help your business and improve the customer journey, call one of the team on 0113 233 7800 or email us on

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Steven Marshment – Account Executive

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How long have you been at KVH Studios?
I’ve been at KVH Studios since September 2018. The months are really flying by. Which must be a good sign! I feel very fortunate to work in such an exciting environment where no day is ever the same.

What does your job involve?
My role requires me to manage some high-level client accounts. I’m able to participate in all aspects of the accounts such as script writing, new feature developments, regular client meetings and proposals. I ensure all client expectations are met to a high standard whilst developing some key relationships.

What did you do before you worked at KVH Studios?
I worked in the leisure industry. Health and Fitness is a big part of my life, I try to eat well and hit the gym most days of the week.

What do you love most about what you do?
I think my favourite part of the role is the script writing sides of things. I love being creative and coming up with some interesting ideas to promote products on the radio. It always makes me feel proud to hear what I’ve written come to life.

What’s your favourite memory at KVH Studios?
In the short space of time I’ve been here, lots has happened and we’ve achieved so much as a team. Collectively I think bringing on-board Superdrug as a client is something I feel proud to be part of, but individually I am proud of the developments I have made on my own accounts, such as how they now sound and the direction they’re going in. I am looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow.
(The funniest moment was borrowing presenter Steven Mulhern’s iron whilst getting ready for a client’s Retail Awards Dinner!)

How would you describe KVH Studios in 3 words?
Successful, Different, Challenging

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite music track?
This is a really difficult question to answer and near on impossible to pick just one song. This can change daily and depends on my mood. I have a very eclectic music taste, liking everything from House music to stuff from the 60’s. But I love that feeling of hearing a song and it gives me that nostalgic feeling, reminding me of a memory, person, time or place.

What do you like to do when you’re not at KVH Studios?
I’m most happy when spending time with my friends, family or with my beautiful girlfriend Megan.
I also love watching Leeds United, if they’re doing well I’m usually happy.

Is the Music in your Gym Pulling its Weight?

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Is the music you play in your gyms working hard to motivate your members and staff?

Ready for some stats?

  • The average target heart rate zone during exercise is determined by a percentage of our maximum heart rate.
  • For an average 20-year-old, this maximum rate is 200 beats per minute. This means that the target heart rate zone for 50-85% capacity during a workout would be 100 to 170 beats per minute.
  • For decades, music producers and composers have been taking advantage of the fact that our heart rate is elevated when we’re excited, happy or active. There’s no coincidence that your favourite Hollywood action movie has upbeat music during the intense scenes.
  • In the fitness context, upbeat music is key to staying motivated during a workout so it’s easy to see why modern dance music tends to be centred around 120bpm. The beats tend to have a consistent rhythmic (or even ‘thumping’) feel as this helps to subconsciously draw the listener’s focus to the rate of their heartbeat

So, have you or your supplier considered this when choosing the music for your gyms?

The KVH Studios music team are specialists in profiling music for different environments, and when it comes to the gym environment there’s a great deal of science behind it to ensure your visitors remain motivated and enjoy their workout, thus ensuring they remain a member!

Not only that, but the music needs to represent your personality as a brand and reflect your customer base at different times of the day/week/year. What does your brand SOUND like? What and when should certain music styles be programmed? Don’t worry, we can help you with that!

Our specialist team of audio producers and account managers are highly skilled in giving brands a sound. And it’s not just about music; your service can include branding idents, advertising, presenter content and much more…the possibilities with audio are endless.

Fancy a chat about how we can help? Every brand is different and that’s why we do things bespoke. Discuss your business with our creative consultants today and we will help you improve your members’ gym experience!


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We are very pleased and proud to announce that we are now providing our audio and visual services to the full Ann Summers estate across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.

Ann Summers is a British retailer specialising in sex toys and lingerie. They stand for sexual liberation and female empowerment, and have dominated the market for over 40 years.

The brand approached KVH Studios when looking for a cost-effective dual media solution for their store environment, whilst also looking for a higher level of customer service from their in-store media supplier.

KVH Studios rolled out it’s bespoke audio players to all stores across the estate across a short-period of 3 weeks, alongside visual players to a select number of stores with screens for a digital signage service.

The audio service currently focuses on the music at present with a hand-picked database built to create the sound of the brand in store, day-parted to footfall and customer demographic and adapted with the seasons and key campaigns.

These key campaigns are also delivered visually to the screens in stores, centrally programmed by KVH Studios.

Alongside the content, KVH Studios also manage all maintenance and installations work on the PA systems for the estate.

We’re very excited to be working with this new client and look forward to developing the service as the brand continues to progress.

To find out more about our dual in-store media packages, give us a call today on 0113 233 7800.

The Superdrug Podcast – Series Round-Up

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(L-R: Joe Muddiman-Senior Account Manager, Vick Hope-TV & Radio Presenter, Claire Martin-Commercial Director & Matt Moore-Audio Producer)


Podcasts are more popular than ever and showing no signs of stopping with nearly 6 million adults now downloading or streaming them each week, rising from 3.2 million in 2013.

With increased audiences comes increased choice of listening. New podcasts are being released on an almost daily basis, with household names and celebrities appearing as guests or even hosts. Even the niche topics, hobbies, or subject matters have a fair representation, so much so that podcasts are now widely considered to be a primary source of news and debate.

At KVH Studios we have plenty of experience with podcasts, from recording, editing and producing content plus creation of bespoke music in our very own in-house audio studios, to management of uploads and promotion across all the top platforms. There’s also an avid listenership and interest across our teams, building our knowledge and understanding further.

Most recently we’ve been working with Superdrug and The River Group to produce an 8 part series entitled ‘The Beauty of it All’; hosted by Vick Hope (Capital FM Breakfast presenter, among many other things). The podcast takes a backstage look at the beauty industry and the issues facing it, with a special topic discussed each week between Vick, celebrity guests and industry experts.

With the first season just finished, here’s a run down of each episode and what you can expect from each;

E01: How Fame Changes How You See Yourself

Vick is joined by Love Island 2018 finalist, Megan Barton-Hanson, and TV psychologist, Honey Langcaster-James, to discuss how fame can suddenly change perceptions – as well as plastic surgery and ex-boyfriends!

E02: Is Vegan Beauty Just A Fad?

With the rise of veganism in beauty we spoke with reality TV star, Lucy Watson, and The Vegan Society press officer, Dominika Piasecka, discussing why they are vegan, if veganism is just a fad – and who’s secret crush is David Attenborough!

E03: The Beauty in Transitioning

Make-up plays a huge role in both transitioning and gender identity, so we invited best-selling author, Juno Dawson, and beauty expert, Joseph Harwood, to discuss their early experiences with make-up, skincare routines, and how Joseph makes ‘the grey area’ as colourful as he can.

E04: The Big Beauty Quake – The Rise of Skincare

Skincare has risen to become the fastest growing sector in the UK health and beauty market, with no signs of stopping, so we spoke to former model and respected blogger, Ruth Crilley, and Harley Street cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting, about all things skincare, including ingredients, affordability, and all the latest trends.

 E05: Look Good, Feel Good – Are Beauty & Wellness Blurring Into One?

Vick spoke with Alice Living, one of the most recognisable figures in the health and fitness world, and body positivity activist Chessie King to discuss all things looking and feeling good, including advocating online transparency, dealing with trolls – and their gym bag beauty essentials!

 E06: Makeup Is Not a Drag – The Influence of Drag Culture on the High Street

With drag culture more popular than ever – thanks to programmes such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race – we speak with one of the show’s stars, Charlie Hides, and make-up legends Sam and Nicola Chapman, better known as Pixiwoo, to understand drag’s influence in modern beauty techniques and trends.

E07: Shades of Beauty – Why Does Beauty Still Struggle With Diversity?

From advertising campaigns to modelling, the beauty industry has struggled to present itself as truly diverse. To examine why, and what can be done, we spoke to beauty editor and journalist Anita Bhagwandas, influencer Charmie Janee, and Kareen Hurley, founder of Choco Modelling Agency. As well as discussing their own experiences with diversity, they also spoke about brand responsibility and what a truly diverse industry could look like.

 E08: Is Botox Bad?

It’s one of the biggest questions asked in beauty; is Botox safe? We spoke with health and beauty journalist, vlogger, and influencer, Nadine Baggott, and television personality and actor Ollie Locke to dispel some of the misconceptions, understand the difference between Botox and fillers, and find about what to ask and consider when thinking about aesthetic treatments.

Hear it for yourself; the whole series is available on iTunes, Spotify, Acast, or wherever you get your podcasts – even smart speaker!

And if you want to find out more about starting your own podcast, give our creative team a call today on 0113 233 7800

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Toby Huggins – Senior Producer

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How long have you been at KVH Studios?
Over 17 Years – started on 1st January 2002

What does your job involve?
Producing various types of top notch audio for our In-Store Radio services (ads/interviews/presenter content/features)
Producing In-Store and Commercial Radio ads
Radio Station building and scheduling
Managing studio operations/bookings including voiceover recording sessions, podcasts, interviews, corporate videos, e-learning, on-hold messaging etc
Building relationships with current voiceovers and sourcing new talent

What did you do before you worked at KVH Studios?
Studied Media Technology at the University of Hull for 4 Years

What do you love most about what you do?
Studio recording sessions with voiceovers and celebrities

What’s your favourite memory at KVH Studios?
Sorry, more than one (it has been 17 years!)…
Chasing David Hasselhoff into a car park to record a soundbite
Pranking Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff with Robbie Savage in a fake Conor McGregor interview that ended up on Channel 5 (the best TV channel there is – obvs)
Meeting/interviewing Scary Spice Mel B
Being involved in launching a new live service for Superdrug

How would you describe KVH Studios in 3 words?
Ahead / Innovative / Passionate

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite music track?
‘I Am The Walrus – The Beatles’

What do you like to do when you’re not at KVH Studios?
Watch movies, listen to the radio (Smooth Radio – I’m getting old!), play the piano, swim, spend time with my daughter and chums (not the wife – ha!) and drink Estrella

In-Store Music – Your Colleagues’ Wants vs. The Brand’s Needs

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When it comes to in-store music, there is a conflict of interest between the retailer and your colleagues. The retailer uses music strategically and expects it to help fulfil business objectives, whereas your colleagues view music simply as a means of getting them through the day. We’ve discussed in previous posts about how valuable your colleagues are to businesses, so it’s important to keep them happy; but how do you manage their expectations of the music while meeting the needs of the business?

Firstly, accept that you can’t please everyone. Music is incredibly personal and the chances of your music profile being exactly what staff would listen to in their spare time is slim to none.

Secondly, be completely open with your colleagues and communicate to them the purposes of the music. A simple conversation explaining how the music has been specially selected because of the atmosphere it creates; and how it’s designed around the customer demographics, can help your colleagues see the bigger picture and understanding the music for what it is, rather than just ‘someone else’s personal choice’.

Thirdly, get them involved! Your colleagues are perfectly positioned to provide valuable insight into customer demographics, how they respond to the music, what works and what doesn’t; helping you to optimise the music profile. You do need to be careful that any feedback isn’t based on personal taste, as this will dilute the music strategy making it less focused and less effective.

Our music profilers are highly experienced in creating music policies for brands, their customers and colleagues, ensuring the right balance and satisfaction across all listeners. To find out more about how KVH Studios can create your bespoke music profile, call us today on 0113 233 7800.

Your Summer Soundtrack from KVH Studios

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One of the many great things about music is that you can generally find songs to reflect your mood or the time of day or year. Whether it’s love songs for Valentine’s Day, Christmas songs for the festive season and of course, some summer hits when the sun is out and the temperature is hot.

According to data from Pandora’s Music Genome, the overwhelming feeling we want from a summer song or playlist is that it is happy. The data suggests that 35% of lyrics from summer songs have been happy over the last 20 years or so.

With that in mind, the KVH Studios music team have put together a playlist jam-packed full of your favourite Summer songs, guaranteed to give you that happy feeling! Perfect for enjoying whilst you’re out in the sunshine lying by the pool, at your next barbecue with friends or just to make you smile in the office!

To quote the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith – drums please! Enjoy!

The Effects of Music on Customer Behaviour

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If you’re a business owner and you’re questioning whether you need to play music in your store or restaurant, you may want to keep reading…

Not only is music a great mood enhancer, soothing us when we need to relax and stimulating us when we need a boost, but when used effectively, music also has the power to influence our behaviour. That’s why it’s important for a business to use music to its advantage. Let’s take a look at the facts…

Music Vs. No Music
Have you ever walked into a shop and been greeted with graveyard silence? The experience can be uncomfortable and somewhat intimidating, you feel like the focus is on you and your every move is being watched. It can be a massive deterrent to shoppers, who will simply look elsewhere for a more comfortable shopping atmosphere. Research found that retailers that played background music in their store had happy shoppers who stayed 18% longer and made 17% more purchases*.

Background music = more sales

What type of music should I be playing?
As music is such a key factor to setting the atmospherics in your business, it’s vital that the right style of music is played. Research has found that fast music was more suited to impulsive shopping, and slow music was more suited to contemplative, planned shopping. This is because loud, fast music increases arousal, meaning shoppers tend to walk round faster. Similarly, slower music in restaurants makes patrons drink slower and eat fewer bites per minute.

The most important thing about the music is it has to be on-brand and it has to suit your customer’s needs (you wouldn’t walk in to a high-end, flagship designer store and expect to hear loud death metal music!) Familiar, preferred music decreases the perceived time spent in store, and customers stay longer and tend to buy more when the music is right for them. In an experimental field study in France, a flower shop sold more when romantic songs were played compared to pop music and no music. In a similar study elsewhere, more French than German wine was sold when French music was played, and vice versa!

Congruent music = more sales

How do I keep everyone happy?
Retail and hospitality businesses are going to get a mixture of customers throughout the day, so it’s important to have a music strategy that caters for everyone. For example, a bar could be quiet early afternoon, and liven up as soon as it gets to happy hour, so you therefore want music that reflects the change in atmosphere. Similarly, a supermarket may find a greater number of mums shopping with young kids at quiet periods in the day, so they’ll want music that keeps them happy and relaxed. Music programming strategies such as day parting, time segmenting, store targeting and rich mixing of various genres by style, artists or date etc, help to target music to precisely the right audience, so the music is always appropriate and effective, whatever time of day, wherever they are.

Psychologist and lecturer in Music Psychology, Dr Vicky Williamson, sums up the effects of music on consumer behaviour rather nicely, “Music positively influences consumer mood/emotional states through psycho-physiological reactions and autobiographical memory associations. Silence by comparison can be intrusive, as it throws unwelcome attention on the consumers’ behaviour. Music also provides an effective and adaptable tool for bringing a sense of pleasure and relaxation, thereby promoting a positive attitude, and boosting a sense of brand identity and loyalty.”

We hope you found this post useful. We’ll be there to help you as you make your journey into finding the right music for your business. Like us on Facebook /kvhstudios or follow us on twitter and Instagram @kvhstudios to ask us any questions.

Clare Caldwell, Sally A. Hibbert (1999), ‘Play that one again, the effect of music tempo on consumer behaviour in a restaurant.’

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Joe Muddiman – Senior Account Manager

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How long have you been at KVH Studios?
3 years this summer

What does your job involve?
So much! I’m responsible for two of our key accounts and making sure their in-store audio service continually meets requirements, whether this is entertaining the customers, achieving marketing objectives, or making the most of the technological possibilities. This means I’m out meeting clients, coming up with creative content ideas, writing scripts, scheduling services… all sorts! I’m also responsible for the day-to-day management of our team of Account Managers supporting them with the development of their own accounts and personal development. I also support on new business and marketing activities, as well as keeping the team refreshed with the odd cup of coffee every now and then.

What did you do before you worked at KVH Studios?
I’ve been an Account Manager in some shape or form for nearly ten years now in a variety of industries, from car leasing to health and fitness. I’ve also done a bit of bid writing and tendering before joining KVH Studios. Going further back I’ve done time stacking shelves at Somerfields, taking calls at British Gas, and worked in a bookies!

What do you love most about what you do?
The day-to-day variety and pace of change. Over the last few days for example I’ve planned a new series of podcasts with a client, sat with our Tech team and scheduled in some of our first weather-activated adverts, attended a client retailer event to discuss and promote their in-store service, and also brainstormed a live presenter show with our Production team. In-store radio is so much more than ‘just’ background music.

What’s your favourite memory at KVH Studios?
Holding a magazine in my hands which we’d created from scratch for a new service pitch. We don’t make magazines. The pitch hadn’t asked for a magazine. It was a typical new service tender, but we knew this wasn’t your average client so needed a not-so-average response. We took the brief, ran with it, and presented our ideas and vision for their service in a replica of their own in-store magazine. I was honoured to have played a part in its creation and holding the finished article in my hand made me realise the progress we’d made in terms of what we can offer and how we communicate our ideas. The magazine must have worked – the pitch went on to become our biggest client launch for a very long time and is now one of my accounts, so I’m reminded of our success every day.

How would you describe KVH Studios in 3 words?
Attentive, dynamic, lively.

If you could pick one, what would be your favourite music track?
Wow, what a question… I could pick almost anything by Radiohead, but I’ll go with ‘Reckoner’.

What do you like to do when you’re not at KVH Studios?
I’ve got two young twin daughters so lots of family time! I also like to try and watch and play as much football as I can, as well as keeping fit by running and going to the gym. I love music; there’s always music, radio, or a podcast of some sort on in the background to whatever I’m doing. I also like to read as much as I can, but it’s more Peter Rabbit than Ray Bradbury these days!

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