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When it comes to creating new solutions and content, we are responsive to our clients’ needs as much as we are proactive. Check out some of the capabilities we have created for our clients to ensure their music service exceeds their needs, saves them money and improves customer experience.

Requirement: Development of service to suit varied listenership and change in brand focus

Result: Tailored curation and programming of music and content around listener demographics

Topps Tiles Radio, a live in-store station, began life as an entertainment and morale-boosting service for staff, particularly during quieter periods. However with development of the Topps brand strategy, this later evolved to become much more commercially-focused.

A comprehensive research study outlined different demographics in store throughout the week which presented KVH Studios with the challenge of programming the service for different audiences.

The key was in analysing the footfall data in order to create a relevant music policy and content for each type of listener. The live presenter shows were adapted in both timing and host, selecting experienced hosts that could communicate effectively to each of the demographics in the right manner, shifting between a trader, commercial and colleague focus.

With most of our programming and schedule considerations, the key is in the detail; we can shape services around footfall and demographic data, even if that turns out to be several different cohorts within a short period of time. The big advantage with Topps Tiles Radio was with its live hosts, which helped ease any transitions by injecting a fresh feel every day.

Requirement: Assorted network set-ups across different regions for delivery of radio, site specific content and automated broadcast times

Result: Flexible digital delivery of content across segmented estate and centralised control of broadcast hours

Prior to rollout, KVH Studios audited the full estate of stores to determine the exact set-up and capabilities at each site. KVH Studios then liaised with the regional IT teams to establish their individual network set-ups and requirements for service downloads to ensure each were comfortable with the connections.

Alongside this, automatic service switch on/off of the service was required for one region, therefore our technical team developed our bespoke programming software to allow for automatically muting outside of opening hours for each individual store. This capability is now used across many of our clients’ services, so store colleagues don’t need to worry about switching the service on and off, due to being centrally programmed.

Requirement: Use of existing store equipment & cost-effective music solution

Result: Creation of software for existing PC infrastructure, plus high-quality royalty-free music programmed to footfall

KVH Studios have a long-standing relationship with Barnardo’s, supplying music and messaging to the full estate of stores for a number of years. To support with cost efficiencies and make use of existing equipment in stores, we developed software to enable the in-store PCs to deliver the bespoke radio service at each site, regularly updated with new software developments and allowing for site-specific content.

The music programmed on the Barnardo’s service is non-copyright, removing the need for PPL & PRS licences, yet not compromising on quality. Featuring the very best in emerging talent, the music is sourced and curated specifically with the Barnardo’s customer in mind.

Requirement: Varied volume settings with local online control

Result: Zoned volume control via app

KVH Studios have provided two brand-profiled music channels to the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds for a number of years, so when the time came for them to refresh their PA system based on new requirements, they turned to us for advice and support because of our long standing relationship and full audio offering.

Due to the different noise levels across the centre, especially in the food court branded as ‘Trinity Kitchen’, their key requirement was to have varied volume levels on the music system, therefore, KVH Studios provided a zoned speaker and amplification system to allow for this.

In addition, Trinity colleagues need the control and flexibility of being able to manage these volume levels due to the frequent changes in customer flow and, in particular, around events. KVH Studios therefore provided a dedicated app to download onto colleague iPads to facilitate this.

The KVH Studios in-house technical team, alongside our nationwide engineering team, managed the whole project from start to finish using their vast experience in providing PA system set-ups to a variety of commercial environments.