Our huge database of copyright music allows us to profile and program music services for a wide range of industries, environments and listeners.

The KVH Studios production team have built up strong relationships with major and independent record labels and PR companies over the 30 years plus of broadcasting music services to ensure we can program the latest tracks up to 6 weeks ahead of commercial release.

Tailored to your exact requirements

Copyright music provides full flexibility in how it can be categorised and controlled, from specific decades and eras to individual track level, as well providing added depth in the catalogue, such as B-sides, album tracks, mixtapes, exclusives etc. Flow can be programmed with increased accuracy and details with such precision as specific themes (e.g. number ones, female only, tropical house etc).

Wide range of styles

The recognisability and familiarity of copyright music provides an increased level of comfort when shoppers are browsing in store or dining in your restaurant, whilst also showcasing your brand in the most tailored way possible. And our relationships are not only with artists and representatives in mainstream genres, but also underground and niche genres too, allowing our clients access to a wide range of tracks for different occasions, times and requirements.


Full licensing management

Don’t know where to start when it comes to licensing requirements for the broadcast of copyright music for gyms, stores, and restaurants? Our consultants can advise you every step of the way. We know it can be overwhelming and seem complex so we can even manage it all for you, should you wish.

Find out more about getting the right licences for your business…