One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve created bespoke software to allow for personalised and relevant content for every viewer

Your digital signage can be programmed to be relevant and impactful with careful consideration and scheduling according to customer demographics, time of day or year, or even individual store geography or type.


The content on your digital signage service can be tailored by region right down to individual store level to give you full flexibility on the reach and effectiveness of your service. So, whether they are specific products or services in some of your stores or you have a specific customer demographic at certain stores (such as student locations), your dedicated creative team can schedule your content to align with this ensuring maximum engagement. It also allows your retailers to feature content relevant to their store giving them full control.


Of course, it’s not just about different sites. Demographic targeting and customer missions can change based on the time, day, and season in your store, so your digital signage service needs to adapt to this change. By day parting your content throughout the day you can ensure a more effective, tactical advertising strategy that is continually relevant. For example, for a convenience store, breakfast offers may be advertised in the morning whilst dinner for tonight ideas may feature around the 5-7pm rush.


For more important occasions, such as a particular event or key peak shopping periods, a more varied approach is required and your service can showcase different types of content to suit, such as video at the weekend and animation through the week. Our players also have the ability to broadcast live television to ensure customers are kept up to date with live news or a specific televised event, all of which can be displayed within a bespoke branded design.