Where are the studios located?

We are situated at Apsley House, 78 Wellington Street just 5 minutes’ walk from the Leeds City Centre train station.

Do you have car parking facilities on site or nearby?

We can arrange for car parking on site at your request or there is an NCP car park just next door to the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wellington Street.

What studios do you have available for hire?

We have a larger studio suitable for either 1 voice over artist or a larger party where we can accommodate 4 artists plus seating for 2 guests (under normal circumstances) in addition we have 3 separate voice booths suitable for 1 person each. Should you require, we have meeting rooms and breakout areas available for recording preparation and refreshments.

What hours are your studios available for hire?

Our standard opening hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm, however, we do take bookings for evenings and weekends, subject to availability.

How many mics do you have and what brand do you use?

We have 3 Neuman guests mics and 1 main host Neuman mic available

What other technology do you have in the studio?

We have tablets available for reading i.e. scripts/audiobooks and 2 screens for the same or to include branding should your session be filmed/photographed.

What editing software do you use?

We use Ableton and Adobe Audition.

What format can you provide the audio in?

We can provide the audio in MP3 or WAV. 44100/48000 Hz and 16/24/32 bit.

How can I receive my audio?

Most commonly we use wetransfer, however, we can deliver it however you wish such as via Dropbox, USB stick or CD.

How can other people remotely connect to KVH Studios to direct or listen in?

Others can remotely connect via ISDN,  Source Connect Now, Cleanfeed, Zoom, Teams or Phone Patch.

Is it possible to record music in your studios?

We are an Audio/Broadcast studio so therefore have limited capabilities to record and produce live music.

Are you Covid-19 compliant?

Yes, our offices and studios are fully Covid-19 safe and secure. Please ask for further details if needed.

Are refreshments provided?

We have a fully stocked fridge of cold drinks in the studio and hot beverages are also available. Should you like us to arrange any snacks or meals, these can be organised at your request.

Can you book taxis?

Yes, we can arrange taxis for you to and from KVH Studios

How can I pay?

You can pay by card in advance or on the day using our on-site card machine, or if you would prefer an invoice to be sent to you following your session, payment will be required within 30 days of the booking.