Eliminate the competition, encourage impulse buys and introduce new products and services effectively.

Advertising special offers and creating awareness of products customers might not have been intending to purchase is one of the primary functions of in-store radio, as this is where the majority of buying decisions are made.

Upsell, upsell, upsell!

Your customers aren’t just shoppers, they’re a captive audience. Whilst you have their attention, use the power of audio to shout about all the great deals you have with in-store radio advertising. Whether your customers are visiting with a specific purchase in mind or just having a casual look around, the opportunity is there to upsell. Take it and make them aware of new products, current offers, services available, competitions and more! With a mixture of quality music and informative in-store radio ads, you can provide your customers with an entertaining, helpful and engaging experience.

We create effective audio

Our award-winning, in-house creative team of experienced radio producers, presenters and creative writers know what works when it comes to developing engaging content, audio personality and effective advertisements for in-store radio. With access to thousands of professional voiceover artists, hundreds of presenters and strong relationships developed over their many years in the industry, the KVH Studios production team are dedicated to making sure all content on your service meets the objectives and sounds the best it possibly can, through meticulous selection for your brand. Plus, with everything created, produced and broadcast all under one roof you can ensure the whole process is taken care of.