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Choosing the right music for your business is a real science. In store music impacts on our mood, our activity rate, our opinion of an environment and even our prosperity to spend.

Things to consider when thinking about in store music…Who is your target listener? Will they change during the day? Will the atmosphere in your business change during the day?

Our Music Profilers are experienced in selecting the exact in store music to fit with all your requirements, ensuring that it remains updated and in tune with your developing business. We select from thousands of pre-release, chart and back-catalogue music supplied by all the major record labels (EMI, Sony, BMG, Universal etc) as well as tracks from the Indie and niche markets.

Playing music in your business brings you into contact with licensing agencies such as
PPL and PRS and their associated costs. We offer a number of sound-a-like or emerging artists music you require.

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In store Music and In store radio

More Than Music
Your in store music service can be so much more than just background music. At KVHstudios we specialise in using this medium to support your business in many powerful ways…

At KVHstudios we know audio advertising can increase upsell on products, services and promotions, whether on your own bespoke in store radio station or externally on local radio.

We have an in-house audio production team of experienced and creative sound professionals who know what works when it comes to producing engaging advertisements for in store radio and more.

From our purpose-built studio facilities, we write, direct, and produce all the advertising for our clients, managing the whole process from brief through to scheduling. Pulled together by a team of producers, script writers, and a huge range of professional voice-over artists, we produce fantastic audio imagery from whatever brief we’re given.

Colleague Communication
Improving the way you communicate with your staff is easy with your own bespoke in store radio station.

Many of our clients’ senior management engage with employees at site level via weekly broadcasts outside of opening hours. A birthday message from the CEO, a name-check to recognise individuals for great customer service, or saluting the best-performing sites is highly motivational to all concerned.

The ‘customer comes first’ is classic service rhetoric, but there are exceptions. Have you considered that weekdays may feel a little bit longer for staff who work in out-of-town stores when footfall is slower? A small switch of emphasis towards staff at these times makes for effective use of your in store radio service and increases morale. Email jukebox, quizzes, internal job vacancies, and more make a big difference to colleagues’ daily routine.

Live/As-Live Shows
Nothing brings in store music to life like real-time presenter interaction. News and sports keep listeners informed; a text or email line direct to the studio allows for song requests and dedications; and promoting special offers ensures immediacy of the messages and genuine engagement.

It doesn’t have to be in a studio either; outdoor broadcasts are great for covering events whether it be for charity, a special occasion, or for a launch.

Bring life to your in store radio station with pre-recorded as-live links of lifestyle chat from our friendly presenters, including features like ‘This Day in History’, the ‘Movie Quote Quiz’, ‘What’s On Entertainment’, and all the celebrity news.

With your own bespoke in store radio station you can shout about your brand as much as you like! We can create a unique and highly effective service by creating jingles, idents, sweepers, and much more to brand your service.

Audio branding is often the most forgotten but surprisingly important area of branding. Who can forget the ASDA price jingle or the Nokia theme tune? Audio branding should be a central part of any marketing strategy and in store music service.

Not only will imaging brand your in store radio station but also key day parts, times of the week, seasons and events so your service is always current for your listeners.

The perfect way to enhance your in store music service is through conversation. Whether its celebrities, suppliers or even senior staff, interviews have the ability to connect, inform and entertain both your staff and customers.

Educate – Have a new specialist product instore? Make sure staff are fully aware by having an expert or supplier on air to answer any questions they may have, ensuring the right information is passed down to your customers.

Entertain – There’s nothing more exciting than hearing your favourite celebrity on the radio, especially if it’s to talk about a product in your store! Endorsements, charity support or big events are a great time to get big names to boost your brand and increase sales.

Connect – Give your business a personal approach. Interviews with employees about why they enjoy working for your company, or customers about the great service get people excited and enables them to develop a connection to the brand.

Delivery / Installation / Support
Whatever your requirements, whatever your current infrastructure…we have the solution. We build bespoke delivery programmes and equipment in order to run the service you require in the most efficient and cost effective way. Whether it be streamed, downloaded, or receipt of physical CDs, through broadband or satellite, via PCs or bespoke units, we’ll advise on the best delivery to meet your needs.

Wherever your sites may be, we will be able to provide a comprehensive installation service. From simply downloading software or talking through a connection remotely to existing equipment or to full PA and delivery installations by engineer, our project managers will manage the whole rollout from start to finish along with our very experience team of engineers. Let us do the hard work.

in store music and in store radio

All our customers benefit from ongoing support and maintenance following installation. Our systems allow us to monitor the playout remotely and ensure any technical issues are dealt with swiftly and with the least possible inconvenience. In the unlikely event that something breaks we carry out full teleohone diagnostics and talk even the least technically-minded member of staff through a full system check.

For customers needing additional on-site support, we oversee the whole process. From first call to fault diagnosis through to resolution.

In Store Music & In Store Radio

At KVHstudios we will work with you to develop the in store music service your customers want. Whether it’s simply background music to complement your brand or you want an in store radio station so you can market products/services, our team will identify the best solution to achieve your goals. In addition to providing the content, we can build a delivery system to broadcast your service from the programme to the hardware. Following the rollout, which we will fully manage, we will support your sites with any technical issues they have from telephone diagnostics to engineer call outs.