Boost your in-store marketing and build a connection with your audience with bespoke in store radio

In-Store Radio is an extremely powerful tool in enhancing customer experience, increasing dwell time and driving sales. Boost your background music service by adding content into the mix, aligned with your overall marketing strategy to reinforce external messaging and internal POS in-store.

Man is speaking into a microphone

Inform and connect with your customers

Talk directly to your captive audience right at the point of purchase to build trust in your brand and communicate key deals, offers and promotions. By doing so in a warm and friendly manner, listeners feel a connection with the brand and store so spend and return visits will be increased.  Ensure your station reaches – and resonates with – each and every shopper through a carefully considered combination of entertainment and information that is always on brand and delivered in a creative and engaging way.

We create effective audio all in-house

Our in-house creative team of experienced radio producers, presenters and creative writers know what works when it comes to developing engaging content, audio personality and effective advertisements for in-store radio. From our purpose-built studios and media offices, we write, direct and produce all audio content for our clients’ services, managing the whole process from briefing through to scheduling. Nothing is outsourced so you can ensure you are briefing direct, so clarity of objective is not lost and production meets the overall style and approach you have approved.

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And this is the exciting part. When it comes to what you can include on your in store radio service, the possibilities are endless. Ready to give your brand a voice through creative and targeted audio content?


In-store radio is a creative and effective way of promoting offers, services and facilities to drive sales for your business, targeted by day part/time/date/store. Our team are experts at aligning your audio advertising to your existing marketing efforts to help clients boost sales by more than 300%.


In-store radio presenters have the ability to raise the mood and provide a direct and personal link between you and your listeners. They’re not just a voice in the sky; they’re your shopping advisor, source of inspiration and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With exciting shows and tailored messaging, your presenters will personify your brand values and ethics to bring your service to life, making it stand out from the competition.

Staff Interaction & Communications

Encouraging staff to engage directly with your in-store radio station provides them with a sense of involvement and ownership plus motivating them in their work ensuring a more positive attitude with customers. Plus, communicate business updates, training and important information with ease and personality for guaranteed engagement.

Seasonal/Key Events

Fresh, dynamic content can support your promotions of key events with bespoke creative, scripting, ideas and sounds. Themed content around key sporting events such as distinctive-sounding adverts and news up-dates will not only build excitement and boost sales but can also help reduce absenteeism as staff feel part of the action.


Showcase your bespoke service and reinforce your brand messaging with a firm station identity and day-parted, seasonal imagery. Have a number of different brands under your umbrella? No problem. Our programming systems allow for store specific/category/regional content whilst the main station content remains the same to all listeners.

Revenue Generation

Having your very own in store radio station and a captive audience every day creates the opportunity to offer radio advertising space to your supplier brands. This ability to integrate your retail locations directly into a supplier’s marketing strategy could make new streams of revenue available.

“Radio creates one to one human connections”

Kate CockerPresenter coach & producer

“Great presenters sound as though they are an attentive friend sitting/standing next to you”

David LloydConsultant & Audio Executive

“Connecting audiences is the gift radio gives to people”

Valerie GellerInternational Broadcast Consultant