Guaranteeing the music you play is legally licensed requires knowledge, expertise and time.

Writers, artists and record companies work hard to create high quality music for you and your customers to enjoy, so it’s only fair they are rewarded for this.

Ready to advise

At KVH Studios we have the knowledge and expertise to advise our clients on not only the correct licences required for the type of music you play in your commercial environment, but also how you can be sure you are paying the right amount based on such factors as the type of venue, size and how the music is used. It can be complicated, so let us do the hard work.

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Relax, you’re covered

In addition to the record companies themselves, we have strong relationships with the royalty collection societies in the UK as well as direct relationships with unsigned and emerging artists. This allows us to provide you with a music type that is suited to your budget and brand. KVH Studios is fully licensed to provide these services through a multitude of delivery systems and we report regularly to the relevant collection societies on the music tracks featured to ensure royalties are accurately paid. We’re fully transparent and honest when it comes to licensing, so you can relax knowing you’re covered.

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