Improve accuracy, engage customers and increase sales with digital menu boards for your QSR, restaurant or café.

Our visual creative team can build customised static or animated menu boards for your brand with advertising for meal deals, hero products or seasonal offers to influence customer decisions and improve efficiency.

Why go digital?

There are many reasons why digital menu boards and advertising are a good addition to your QSR, café or bar. Not only do they improve the appearance of your venue, presenting a more modern and cleaner look, but can eliminate printing and shipping costs, saving your business money, plus increase sales. Visual marketing is a very powerful and eye-catching tool in influencing decisions. So by showcasing your latest meal offers/specials, drinks deals and NPD, you’re inspiring customers as they make their selection and directly impacting the choices they make. Bring your products to life and increase relevance through animation, such as condensation dripping down a cool refreshing smoothie on a hot day or steam rising from a delicious bacon sandwich. They can also support your business by streamlining the ordering process and speeding up decision-making, in addition to decreasing perceived wait times through entertaining graphics.

Relevant, up to date and efficient

“Sorry we don’t serve that anymore” … It’s frustrating when you order from a menu and it’s not available. Going digital means your menus will never be outdated again. With KVH Studios agile technology and in-house content creation team, your digital menu boards can be customised and remotely updated quickly, aligning with product changes, stock levels and price updates whilst also ensuring accuracy. Our progressive programming also means you can be relevant to time of day, rotating menus from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner, and seasonally.

Visual Programming

Displayed and delivered to your unique requirements

With a range of equipment, delivery, and content choices available, our consultants will advise and build a service that meets your objectives. Whether self-service kiosk touch screens, counter overheads, or window-facing for external view, the KVH Studios AV team will design and source a bespoke equipment package for your individual space. And with our aftercare support package, we will maintain your visual equipment to ensure no disruption in content

Media Screens