Support up and coming artists and achieve all the benefits of background music without the need for PPL and PRS licenses

The revolution of first-class music from Emerging Artists is in full swing and KVH Studios is leading the charge becoming the ‘go-to’ supplier for non-copyright music. Saving clients money without compromising on quality.

Independent artist on stage with guitar

Emerging Artists for background music

Having been one of the early adopters and recognising the quality of the very best Emerging Talent, KVH Studios invested heavily to source music from independent artists and labels, creating catalogues and supply arrangements, categorising genres and curating playlists suitable for the retail and hospitality industries.

Non-copyright music’s growing popularity

Non-copyright music, otherwise known as royalty or license-free music, has seen a huge growth in recent years due to the improved suitability of it within a retail environment. The emerging and unsigned artists that make up this category are experiencing increased interest and exposure, not just from retail and hospitality businesses but also from commercial radio stations and championed by the likes of the BBC, as well as carving out a regular appearance at summer music festivals and concerts.

Band playing to fans at a small venue
Young musician playing drums

Biggest independent music provider

The Unsigned artists revolution is firmly rolling. This talent bank is now in demand, and KVH Studios are leading the way when it comes to sourcing, curation, production, selection and choice having invested, belief, time, enthusiasm, resource and energy into the sector. By choosing KVH Studios as your music supplier, you will have access to the biggest independent music platform.