Make the right first impression and promote to a captive audience with a branded on-hold audio service

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to inform and promote to a captive audience on-hold. Professionally curated music and expertly voiced messaging will keep your callers engaged and entertained whilst they wait, ensuring a positive customer experience, and decreasing hang-ups.

Why on-hold audio?

No one likes to be greeted with silence. Am I still on hold? Is anyone going to answer? It leaves callers feeling uncomfortable and uncertain that they’re going to accomplish what they called for. With a professionally created on-hold service, not only does it decrease wait-time perception and boredom through entertainment and information, but it allows your business to promote and inform to increase customer retention and develop new business. Represent your personality through carefully selected music tracks and boost efficiency through IVR recordings. There are a number of options available and KVH Studios can support with the whole process from creation and recording to licensing and delivery.

Music to enjoy whilst they wait

Our music team are the best in the business at selecting tracks for a purpose. Profiled to represent your individual brand and business, we have the full range of music types available. From copyright, sound-a-like and unlicensed to vocals or instrumental, all across a huge range of styles, so you can choose based on your budget and preference. Keen to use copyright music? We can also manage all the licenses you require for your telephony systems. Or why not let us create bespoke tracks for you that don’t require licenses and are unique to your business. Whatever you decide, we’ll take the worry away by selecting the right music and ensuring you’re compliant.

Promote and inform to a captive audience

Introduce professionally voiced on-hold messaging in between profiled music tracks or as part of IVR/voicemail to take advantage of the huge benefits they can bring to your business. Many of our in-store radio clients use us, not just because they can guarantee top-quality, cost-effective audio, but also to provide voice consistency for their brand. Our scriptwriters are experienced in writing for this purpose and our highly skilled production team will select the right voice for your brand from our extensive bank of voiceover artists. All recorded, edited and packaged in our in-house, purpose-built audio studios allowing us to manage your project with ease and efficiency.