Share insight and information in a fun and engaging way whilst increasing brand awareness

Podcasts are a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy. They can take any format and are excellent for discussions, debates, reviews, updates, tutorials and more, plus with audio, it’s easy to convey passion and enthusiasm for your product, service or brand.

Why podcasts?

In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has continued to grow, attracting millions of listeners worldwide. The great thing is, podcasts are diverse and can be accessed easily. From your morning commute to work, for that extra bit of inspiration and motivation in the gym, or even while you’re cooking dinner, there’s never been so much opportunity to listen. At KVH Studios, we understand that podcasts are more popular than ever with the number of listeners in the UK having doubled in the last 5 years (Ofcom) and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to support when it comes to creating your own podcasts.

The ideal studio set-up

Creating a quality, engaging podcast recording is easier than you think with KVH Studios! Our soundproof, air-conditioned, COVID compliant production studios are custom-built and designed to the highest acoustic standards, so they are the perfect place to record your podcast. Whether attending on your own or with your guests, our large production studio has the capacity to record up to 4 people, with the option to add others into your session remotely via phone, Skype and WhatsApp as well as ISDN, source connect and IPDTL, allowing you to bring your conversation together.

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The right team for the job

Our experienced team of script writers and audio producers specialise in creating effective and engaging audio and will guarantee your podcasts are delivered on time, on brief and beyond expectations, taking all of your worries away! We can package everything together for you in post-production; editing your audio to the highest standard, adding a distinct audio identity such as a musical jingle or branding, and ensuring the conversation is snappy, flowing, and engaging to retain listeners. Plus, let us help you generate revenue from your podcast through the inclusion of advertising.

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Going above and beyond

And it doesn’t stop there. Once your podcast is recorded, packaged and sounding great, it’s time to get it heard! We have a range of hosting and management options available that will ensure your podcast is available on all the major podcast platforms and devices, from web browser to mobile – and even smart speaker. We’ll offer full management of the whole process including support and guidance on episode creation, finding the right host, setting up the RSS feed and publishing each episode plus a full reporting suite of analytics on listenership and downloads, so you can just concentrate on creating quality content and relax in the knowledge your podcast can be located with ease and capture an audience.

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KVH have been a fantastic partner in achieving our goal of bringing the inclusive growth conversation to the city, fully embracing the ethos of the strategy and supporting us every step of the way. Their expertise and advice has ensured that we have been able to deliver and continue to deliver throughout these difficult times, an engaging, inspiring and thought provoking podcast that has seen fantastic results