Personalised and relevant content for each and every listener

Our programming and scheduling software at KVH Studios has been developed in-house to the unique requirements of commercial environments and our client’s individual needs. More than just the basics of scheduling such as by date and time, we can ensure optimum relevance and personalisation through applying specific rules when scheduling content onto your service.

Let’s get personal

Differentiate content dependent on region or to individual stores to give you full flexibility on the reach and effectiveness of your service. Do some of your stores only feature certain products or services? Do you want to talk to customers in a specific region using a local accent? Does a specific customer demographic shop in a handful of your stores? Your dedicated creative team can programme your content right down to store level to specific times to assure active listenership of your service.

React to changing conditions

Want to get really clever? Set triggers for content to react automatically to data feeds such as weather and stock levels, so it is completely up to date and relevant to the shopper missions. For example, when the temperature hits a certain level, your banked advertising for ice lollies is broadcast to those stores it is applicable to.

Tailored right down to store level

And this doesn’t just apply to the voiced content. If your customer demographic is diverse across your estate, we can create a variety of music channels for different stores, so retailers have a choice based on their individual store, as well as programming alternative music content for specific stores during events.

Whatever your estate set-up, we will work with you to create a software programme that is tailored to your individual needs, because at the end of the day, every brand is different so flexibility is key.

Want to broadcast content to individual stores?