Bring your audio to life with expertly crafted sound design from our highly experienced team.

Sound design is essential in ensuring your audio is effective and engaging for the function it is serving. From our fully equipped audio studios, our technicians can create high-quality sound for your project.

What is sound design?

Sound design is a vast area and is central to any successful audio project. It is the art of creating sound for a variety of needs and purposes, whether you need convincing Foley to help your movie jump out of the screen, or to create a sonic identity for your brand’s latest ad campaign, then well-produced sound design is key. It involves specifying, acquiring, and creating auditory elements using audio production techniques, and our producers are skilled in these very techniques.

How can we help?

Our expert team of sound designers has decades of experience in creating award-winning sounds for Film, TV, Radio, Social Media, Gaming, E-Learning and more. Our record speaks for itself as we’ve been involved with projects across a variety of sectors with prestigious media brands such as BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. Whether it’s from our state-of-the-art production facilities in the heart of Leeds, or remotely, let us know your objective and we’ll work with you to develop a sound that is fit for purpose and exceeds expectations.