Whatever your technical set-up and capabilities, we will develop a bespoke delivery solution for your audio service

Through working closely with many I.T. teams over the years, discussing a variety of set-ups and guidelines, we understand the need for flexibility and confidence. We will work with you to advise and develop the best method of delivery to broadcast your audio service, whatever the capabilities in-store.

closing a package of audio equipment

The KVH Media Player

Our player has been created and developed with the commercial environment in mind. Its small, compact size ensures it utilises minimum space which is already limited in these settings. Whatever the capabilities at your sites, content can be delivered via our player in a variety of ways including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, data disk and USB. Everything is built in-house by our own research and development team and our bespoke software is adapted and tailored to suit your individual needs. So, whatever your objective, we’ll have the solution.

Tailored programming across your estate

With an active broadband connection, the KVH Media Player can be updated as regularly as you require, reacting to any changes in the local or wider environment to enable a responsive and agile service, supporting the fast-changing needs in retail, hospitality and leisure.

Bespoke site-level messaging broadcast by time, date and frequency, data activated advertising and time specific are just some of the capabilities that ensure your content is appropriate and distinctive to your customer demographic, and relevant by community and region. Plus, with our hybrid solution, you can switch between live and download mode so you can keep your broadband usage to a minimum.

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No site will miss out

Already have existing equipment in situ that you would prefer to utilise? KVH Studios can deliver your audio service in a number of other ways such as PC, CD and DVD. And of course, one size doesn’t fit all, so much like all our products and services, you can have a variety of different delivery methods across your estate, so no site misses out. And don’t worry, we will continue to maintain your delivery system following installation.

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Music to your ears

Create the perfect sound in your environment to ensure maximum engagement from your listeners with the full audio package from KVH Studios. Our team of audio technicians are experts in guaranteeing the perfect coverage through surveying your space, sourcing the exact kit specification required, and positioning of speakers for optimum sound. Plus, with our technical aftercare support, we’ll ensure we keep the music going for you.

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large high quality speakers playing music

Sound of the future

With today’s technology, the opportunities are endless in what you can do with the power of sound…

  • Networked PA systems allow complete flexibility with the opportunity to play different sources into different zones at different levels with digital source quality, whilst allowing for faster deployment of new scenarios and audio changes
  • Zoned Audio can allow you to broadcast different channels of music from a single source into different departments and areas, whilst controlling the volume with limiters allowing localised and zoned volume
  • Smart speakers such as directional, motion-sensor and discreet allow for targeted, subtle content for an efficient sound

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