Communicate to your colleagues efficiency and effectively with the ease of audio.

Motivate, inform and engage through your in-store radio service; a powerful tool in delivering training, updates and important information to your colleagues, eliminating the need for printouts or screen time, and increasing engagement through an entertaining and personal format.

Flexibility and control with audio

Audio allows for much more flexibility and control with your colleague communications, whilst also breaking down the barriers between head office and stores by offering an all-inclusive platform. Provide your team with an appointment to listen in their daily routine and deliver in a more personal tone for warmth and trust, either using your own employees or carefully selected voice talent. Audio also allows for more creativity using music, sound effects, different voices and varied styles. Team member off that day? Audio can be easily repeated or provided in other formats to ensure information is not missed and can be listened to at a more convenient time.

Years of experience and all the facilities

KVH Studios have been supporting clients with colleague communications for a number of years. Whether it’s presenter shows, interviews, business updates or downloadable podcasts, our creative consultants will advise and create the most suitable format for your brand and business. Through our agile and flexible delivery systems, your communications can introduce interactive elements, encouraging participation to increase inclusivity and ownership amongst your colleagues, as well as increased personalisation and relevance with store specific or regionally voiced content.

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