Voice Over Recording

We have hundreds of talented voiceover artists to call on if you require the perfect voice for your project. Or if you already know exactly who you want, our central Leeds recording studios are a perfect location to record.

Our voice over recording studios are equipped with everything you need to record and broadcast perfect audio:

  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Computer
  • ISDN & telephone lines
  • Wifi
  • Audio editing software

Many “voice-over booths” are poorly constructed, leaving you with imperfect sound.

Our facilities are top-quality, broadcast level studios & equipment, meaning you’ll get the best sound from a session with KVH Studios.

In Store Radio Station

Expert Sound Technicians

We can provide an expert sound technician (if required) as well as arranging transport or providing refreshments etc. to ensure you get the best possible recordings.

Background Music For Businesses