High-quality, professional audio studios available for hire in Leeds for top quality recording and production

Located in the heart of Leeds, just a 5-minute stroll from the train station and close to major road networks, KVH Studios offer professional and affordable studio hire and audio production. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable production team will work with you to develop high-quality, engaging audio that achieves results through maximum engagement from your listeners. All recorded in our state-of-the-art, soundproof, and fully equipped production studios.

Latest technology

Fully equipped with the latest audio technology to guarantee ease of recording and high-quality sound first time.

Creative support

Our content creative team can support with preparation of your audio, first-class postproduction and distribution after your recording.

Guaranteed comfort

Spacious, air-conditioned and Covid compliant with disabled access, toilets and sofa seating. Plus, we can arrange transport should you need it.

Welcoming hospitality

With a fully stocked fridge, hot beverages, and meal orders available, our friendly team will keep you refreshed throughout long recording sessions.

Unrestricted access

Full access to our meeting rooms and breakout areas, all with free Wi-Fi, allowing you to prepare for your recording.

audio studio leeds

Whatever you need to record, our purpose-built studios are available for you to hire for your next audio project. Not sure what you want? Don’t worry. Our creative consultants and sound engineers will work with you to develop concepts for your audio to achieve your aims. We have a variety of different sized studio booths available dependent on the type of job and your requirements.

Once in our studios, you’ll have access to thousands of voiceover artists and presenter talent worldwide, that we have built strong relationships with over the decades, plus an extensive bank of music and sound effects to bring your audio to life. We can even create tailored sound in-house to your individual requirements. Whether there’s just one of you or a group, you want to broadcast live or pre-record, our team of audio producers, sound engineers and creative managers will ensure your project is delivered on-time, on-budget and beyond expectations.

Our creative team are experts at bringing your audio project to life with vast experience in…


Podcasts are a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy. They can take any format and are excellent for discussions, debates, reviews, updates, tutorials and more. Produced to professional standards, our experienced audio technicians are experts in directing podcast content for brands.

Voiceover recording

Whether for TV or video, radio or online, our production team direct and produce voiceover content every day, so know what it takes to deliver top quality audio. And if you’re a voiceover artist or freelance broadcaster, allow us to help you in expertly producing a show reel to demonstrate your talent, range and versatility.


Audiobooks are increasing in popularity year on year due to their many benefits. Our studio is set-up perfectly to accommodate long recording sessions with narrators, allowing you to bring the words on paper to life with ease and comfort.

Commercial Radio

Extend your reach to increase visitors, brand awareness and product sales through advertising on local or national radio. We can manage the full production & distribution process for you from conception to scriptwriting, recording to clearance. Plus, if you’re an in-store radio client, you can guarantee consistency of sound across all your audio.

Sound Design

Whether you need convincing Foley to help your movie jump off the screen, or to create a sonic identity for your brand’s latest ad campaign, well-produced sound design is key and we’re here to help you achieve it.  Our expert team of sound designers has decades of experience in creating award-winning sounds for Film, TV, Radio, Social Media, Gaming, E-Learning and more.

On-hold messaging

Boost efficiency, decrease wait-time perception and inform customers through our on-hold services. Through professionally recorded IVR voice prompts, marketing messaging and greetings, you can project a positive first impression from your brand and seize the opportunity to speak to a captive audience.

Designed to the highest acoustic standards using the latest recording technology, our soundproof, air-conditioned, COVID compliant studios feature…

  • Axia IQ Digital Console
  • Ableton Live
  • Oxygen 25 Midi Keyboard Controller
  • Adobe Audition
  • Multiple Studio Linking
  • Phone Patch
  • ISDN Codec/Pronto
  • Source Connect
  • Skype, webcam & WhatsApp capability
  • Tablet for script/audiobook recordings

We are also able to support the following multitrack audio and video session formats:

  • OMF Sessions
  • Pro Tools Session Files
  • Adobe Audition/ Premier Session Files
  • Final Cut Pro Sessions