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Instore Music Choice: Why It Matters And How It Influences Customers.

How instore music influences customers How instore music influences customers

Just how does the psychology of music, and individual taste, affect how people respond to what they hear? Even the reactions of other people around them can have a massive impact. So, let’s understand a bit more of what makes people (musically) tick…


“Did you find everything you were looking for?” goes […]

How In Store Music Can Go Badly Wrong…

When instore music goes wrong When instore music goes wrong


Instore radio is an amazing tool for shop owners and businesses. Having songs, talk and promotions in store or on site gives the chance to set the mood, to trigger positive customer habits as well as promoting and encouraging sales. What happens when some shops try to set their own playlists…things can go very wrong indeed.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Radio


LL Cool J couldn’t live without his, Thom Yorke has one on his head, and Buggles was convinced video was better than it. What are we talking? Yes – the radio! So what are the 5 must know facts about this world changing phenomenon?



Life in the modern world, as Ferris Bueller rightly pointed out, moves pretty fast. So it […]

The Power of Musical Persuasion – KVH Studios

Music Persuasion

Let the power of the chord compel you…music has been making people do things they may not ordinarily do for millennia. So how does the beat, song and rhythm of sound persuade people? You might be surprised…


From the ancients, through Romans, and all through history, music has been used to send people into war, into trances, and now even to the […]

Pet Shop Boys @ First Direct Arena, Leeds. Saturday 18 February 2017

Pet Shop Boys

Its 32 years since the Pet Shop Boys released their first pop masterpiece, and here they are playing Leeds for the very first time on their Super tour. After an interesting evening where we didn’t have tickets to get in, and then after a few phone calls and emails, we did, the evening was good fun.

Starting off wearing some very strange headgear – […]

Making The Greatest Radio Adverts of All time – KVHstudios

Advertising on Radio

You know a great radio advert when you hear it. It stands out, you stop what you are doing, your mind focuses in and you listen. For those seconds, perhaps a minute the advertiser has you spellbound. You want what they are selling, you will do what they want you to do. So what are the secrets to this success?


Top Music Genres That Will Bring Students Into Your Store.


When we think of films, the Spielberg’s and the Tarantino’s, would they be iconic moments in cinematic history without the right soundtrack to back them? If your answer is no, then you are absolutely correct. But, that doesn’t just apply to films, it applies to all walks of life, especially shopping.

In-store music isn’t just an afterthought, it’s a powerful tool to make or break the […]

KVH Studios – Top 5 Songs Of 2016!



Every year here at KVHstudios we add hundreds of songs to our database, from across the music spectrum. Whether it’s Jazz, Dance, Rock and everything in between we are constantly looking for new music to enhance our services so they are distinctive and sounding as fresh as possible.

We also of course play the biggest hits as well. We like to make sure our customers have a […]

Thanks For The Musical Memories – Remembering The Greats – KVHStudios


2016 has been an interesting year hasn’t it? It has seen highs and lows as any other year, but it seems to have seen far more famous people passing away than normal. According to the BBC ( twice as many notable people had died in the first few months of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015, and five times […]

10 Fantastic Song Moments In Movies – KVHstudios


Well as we, at KVHstudios, provide movies, in-store music and in-store radio around the world we thought it would be a jolly good and joyous romp to combine these attributes and come up with “10 Fantastic Song Moments in Movies”.

So below is what we’ve come up with to entertain the eyes and ears.



RISKY BUSINESS – “Old Time Rock and Roll” – Bob Segar and The […]