When we think of films, the Spielberg’s and the Tarantino’s, would they be iconic moments in cinematic history without the right soundtrack to back them? If your answer is no, then you are absolutely correct. But, that doesn’t just apply to films, it applies to all walks of life, especially shopping.

In-store music isn’t just an afterthought, it’s a powerful tool to make or break the mood of your store.

You might be asking, ‘why is in-store music so important? How powerful could it really be?’ We believe – at KVH Studios – that music is an atmosphere creator, it differentiates a store from the competition and promotes a positive attitude from their staff and customers. It’s not just about the people – we’ve got to remember you’re also running a business here. In-store music is a key component of promotion, in regards to the retail mix and otherwise, it elevates your appearance and solidifies your brand with the customer.

So, now that we’ve got that out the way, how does this apply to students? Well, at the heart of it students are people, and further than that prospective customers. In the demographic of students, there are sub-types of people, and within those sub-types there are specific genres of music that are suited for that person. For example, when customising a playlist for, let’s say, a skate shop, Celine Dion’s melodic belts aren’t going to nab us that one more sale of the day, it’s going to be that punk rock vibe that resonates with both the brand and the consumer. If we think about it, it’s pretty self-explanatory really, what music is going to draw the customers here, keep them browsing and then finally, push them to purchase?

In short, music is subjective, however in-store music should be catered to your brand and as an extension will satisfy your customers. After all, to buy your store’s merchandise, is to buy into your store’s brand.