Leading suppliers of audio

KVH Studios are the leading suppliers of audio to retailers and businesses across the UK.

25 million listeners

Our branded in store radio stations reach roughly 25 million shoppers every week, at more than 4,500 retail locations.

Decades of experience

For the last 30 years, we’ve been the go-to team for UK businesses that want to deliver a full customer experience with in store music.

The KVH Studios team is skilled in producing commercial radio adverts which are effective in helping retailers to increase footfall and boost sales.

Carefully crafted music choices, depending on your brand and your customers, enhance customer experience and help improve dwell time in store. Our services extend to other industries too.

Using a process developed over the last 25 years, our team works together with you to understand your brand, staff, your customers, and your audio needs, before building a perfectly tailored sound, ideal for your business.

That’s not all we’re known for: KVH Studios are the best location for broadcast quality audio recording in the North of England.

Our studios, located in central Leeds, are fully equipped and ISDN capable. Coupled with our dedicated team of sound engineers and radio production staff, we make radio interviews, press days, voiceover recording sessions etc. effortless.


Million Shoppers Reached Every Week



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