Music has the power to change everyone’s mood

Guaranteeing the music you play in your business is legally licensed, inoffensive and reflects your unique brand personality requires time and expertise, so let KVH Studios take these worries away from you with our bespoke, fully-managed in store music services.

Increase spend and improve atmosphere

Background music for shops and stores has a multitude of benefits. From entertaining customers to increasing dwell time, therefore spend, to motivating staff to improving customer service levels. It can showcase the style of your brand and sets the mood for shoppers based on the product being sold. You can ensure the atmosphere in your stores is a welcoming one, instead of appearing like you’re closing…

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In-Store Radio

Spoilt for choice!

Our ever-growing music database is curated of fully licensed copyright, sound-a-like covers and non-copyright/royalty-free tracks to provide you with the full choice of music types to suit different budgets, objectives, environments and of course, preferences. We’re also on hand to advise you of the licences you require to be able to broadcast music in your commercial environment.

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Let the experts handle it

The KVH Studios Music team has over 60 years combined experience in the industry through local and national presenting, DJing and music production, so you can be sure you’re in good hands when it comes to us creating a music profile for your brand. We live and breathe music every day (so we know a ridiculous amount about it!) and have prominent relationships with all the major and independent record labels and PR companies operating in the UK and Worldwide, along with thousands of unsigned artists. On a daily basis, KVH Studios receive and source hundreds of promotional, pre-release copies of the latest singles and albums to listen to for consideration.

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