Creating the perfect atmosphere for your business is crucial but getting it right is a time consuming and costly task. KVHstudios can provide the perfect background music to compliment your business at the best price possible.

Whether you’re in hospitality, retail or the service industry, background music is a key component in any business. With our main focus being on larger businesses such as supermarket chains, department stores and out of town retail outlets, we created a product suitable for small businesses looking for a simple, background music service to enhance their ambience. The result is Muzo.

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KVH Studios background music

KVH Studios background music

KVHstudios background music service has 21 pre-selected styles to choose from which cover the popular, relaxed, upbeat and specialised music categories. From our research we believe it the definitive collection of background music for business. Searching for the perfect background music, ensuring it’s legally licensed and doesn’t contain any obscenities requires time and expertise that your business could use elsewhere. – This is where KVHstudios background music comes in. We’ve created a service that will save you time, money and ensure you have the most up to date background music playing in your business.

KVHstudios provides you with online tools to plan the background music in your business. So whether you’re looking for music for your restaurant, café, bar or takeaway outlet, hairdressers, nail bar, jewellers, independent boutique, specialist and niche retailer like vintage clothing or antiques, health and beauty or alternative therapy spas, car showroom and automotive dealer, dental practice, opticians, podiatrist/chiropodist, doctors waiting room, there is a style perfect for you.

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