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February 2019

Introducing the New Anti-Fraud System for Banks…

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With fraud figures ever increasing, it’s important your customers feel their personal information is secure whilst in your branches.

Creating a confidential, relaxing and comfortable environment takes more than a pleasant waiting area or dividing screens. In fact, the component you are in need of could be something you have never thought of, or might not have realised you and your customers need: It’s Music!

Music is a proven tool to create privacy, and banks are already using it to:

• Crack down on fraud, by preventing private conversations being overheard

• Create a more friendly and appealing atmosphere in branches

• Ease customers whilst they wait

With the right music and speaker positioning, conversations cannot be overheard, as people’s attention is directed away. In busy branches it helps lessen customers’ perception of time while queuing; as well as reducing nerves and making people feel more at ease. In an environment where personal details are discussed, especially when open plan, music can be a fundamental tool for fraud prevention.

KVH Studios are specialists in creating privacy with music. Our extensive knowledge of the banking industry means we know exactly what music styles work for your branches. We can manage the entire process for you too, from confidential sites surveys to full installations in the least disruptive way possible. We can help you ensure your customers feel comfortable and their details are protected whilst in your branches.

So, let us find out about your brand and how we can help you; every brand is different and that’s why we do things bespoke. Give us a call on 0113 233 7800 or email to discuss how we can help you solve your privacy and ambience problems today!

Music is more than just entertainment. Start using this powerful tool and see the benefits in your branches.

‘And the Winner is…’ – It’s time for the KVH Studios Music Awards 2019!

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“It’s the middle of 2019 awards season! The Baftas and Grammys have just taken place and coming up are the Oscars and of course, ‘the biggest night in British music’ – The Brits. With that in mind, it’s time for KVH Studios to hand out our awards, rewarding the best in music for 2018.

British Breakthrough

It’s been nearly 2 years since we saw Freya Ridings perform live for the first – and so far, only time. In 2018, she released the amazing ‘Lost Without You’, which propelled her into the charts, and at the time of writing this, has spent 24 weeks in the UK Top 40.

British Male Solo Artist

When George Ezra was preparing for the release of his second album, ‘Staying at Tamara’s’, I very much doubt he could have predicted how it was going to be received. First single, ‘Paradise’, spent 11 weeks in the Top 10. Second single, ‘Shotgun’, went to number one and the album has spent 42 weeks in the Album Chart Top 10.

British Female Solo Star

The brilliant Jorja Smith has been on our radar for a while, and 2018 was the year that her potential was realised. She was last year’s Critics Choice at the Brits and her album ‘Lost & Found’ charted top 3.

British Album of the Year

There were some great albums released last year, however the one that we keep going back for many repeat listens is the awesome ‘Geography’ by Tom Misch. The mix of electronic, jazz, RnB and Rap is just sublime.

British Single & Video

Anne-Marie is another artist who has featured on our in-store services for a long time, having added ‘Do It Right’ in 2016. Her debut album was released in 2018, she’s had sold out tours across the UK and has supported Ed Sheeran around the world. But it’s the single ‘2002’ that wins our British Single and Video of the Year award.

International Male

Post Malone had a great 2018. Five ‘Top 5’ singles and a number one album.

International Female Solo Artist

There are just two words needed for this one – Ariana Grande.

Congratulations to our winners and we look forward to another year of great music. I wonder what the rest of 2019 has in store for us…?”

Nick Bewes – Head of Music

Love is all around us…Happy Valentine’s Day!

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“New found happiness, unrequited love and of course broken hearts…all kinds of love, and the greatest emotion that has inspired songwriters and musicians for decades and will, no doubt, continue to do so for many more to come.

At some point, everyone is likely to have had the feeling of sadness when love hasn’t worked out or, of course, experienced the joy of love at its best. So we all have that one song that soundtracks those moments. Music has the power to lift your mood when you’re down, whilst also lifting you even higher when you’re elated.

People think love songs have to be slow and emotional, but they don’t. That’s why on our Valentine’s Day playlist we have picked a couple of great up-tempo tracks to start things off. Head to Youtube and see how many times Bruno Mars Marry You has been used as part of marriage proposals, this one is our favourite!

Check out our ’14 for the 14th’ playlist below and be sure to follow KVH Studios Music on Spotify for all the latest songs we love, updated weekly with the new music tracks we’ve added to our in-store music services for top brands!”

Nick Bewes – Head of Music

How Much Does a Commercial Radio Ad Cost?

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So you’re looking to create a radio advertising campaign and, naturally, you’re curious about how much it’s going to cost you. With a voiceover that needs paying, sound effects, a music bed, production and editing time, it must cost a fortune, right? Well, the simple fact is, a radio commercial for your business costs less than you would think. Just contact us on 0113 233 7800 for a quick and easy quote. Of course, the final cost can vary depending on several variables, but let’s take a look at a simple breakdown and what you get for your money…

Your own dedicated Project Manager

An effective radio commercial is the culmination of a finely tuned process, and at KVH Studios you are provided with a dedicated Project Manager to oversee this process; from script development to distribution of the finished product. This takes the stress off you, so you can relax knowing someone is keeping the project on track.

Experienced Script Writers

Anyone can write a radio commercial, but not everyone can write a radio commercial that’s creative, compelling and that flows effortlessly in a limited amount of time. With our experienced team, you are guaranteed a script that resonates with your target audience, speaking to them in a style and tone of voice that will engage them. Our team have a wealth of experience in radio advertising, and your business objectives will always be at the forefront of the creative.

Talented Audio Producers

A great sounding radio commercial takes great technical ability and creative finesse; we’re fortunate enough to have a team of audio producers that have both in abundance. They know how to seamlessly mix music, voices and sound effects together to create an altogether dynamic and effective radio commercial.

The perfect voiceover

We have access to thousands of voiceover artists, so you can choose the perfect voice to suit your commercial, from local and regional dialects to quirky characters. Our audio producers have fantastic long-standing relationships with voiceovers across the globe and know what direction to give, so you get the best performance possible.

Interested in getting a hassle-free quote? Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800, or email us at

To Play or Not to Play – That is the Question!

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We can’t believe it either – February, already!? The first month of the year has already flown by in a heartbeat, and talking of heartbeats, February also means the start of the two week run up to Valentine’s day for retailers. Love it or hate it, the amount of people buying their sweethearts chocolates, flowers and giant teddy bears will be almost unavoidable on the high streets. So should love songs feature on your in-store music service to get those hearts fluttering, or will it just annoy everyone else?

Like many holidays in the year, it can be a difficult question to answer when it comes to acknowledging them in your business. It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest events in the shopping calendar and therefore the perfect opportunity for increased sales if you get it right. This is why audio is the perfect way to enhance holidays such as Valentine’s; it’s not as intrusive or obvious as a huge display or aisles and aisles of red and pink, but it’s just as effective.

The right music can get people thinking without even realising it, having the power to take minds away from the hustle and bustle of a shop floor to a more relaxing and comfortable state of mind – especially with love songs. As we’ve looked at before, the amount of benefits this positive mindset of customers has on sales is almost uncountable, from increasing dwell time to inspiring extra purchases.

Get in touch with us today on 0113 233 7800 to find out more about tailored playlists for your business. And don’t forget to follow us on social media @kvhstudios to keep up to date on all our news and blogs!

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