Introducing the New Anti-Fraud System for Banks…

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With fraud figures ever increasing, it’s important your customers feel their personal information is secure whilst in your branches.

Creating a confidential, relaxing and comfortable environment takes more than a pleasant waiting area or dividing screens. In fact, the component you are in need of could be something you have never thought of, or might not have realised you and your customers need: It’s Music!

Music is a proven tool to create privacy, and banks are already using it to:

• Crack down on fraud, by preventing private conversations being overheard

• Create a more friendly and appealing atmosphere in branches

• Ease customers whilst they wait

With the right music and speaker positioning, conversations cannot be overheard, as people’s attention is directed away. In busy branches it helps lessen customers’ perception of time while queuing; as well as reducing nerves and making people feel more at ease. In an environment where personal details are discussed, especially when open plan, music can be a fundamental tool for fraud prevention.

KVH Studios are specialists in creating privacy with music. Our extensive knowledge of the banking industry means we know exactly what music styles work for your branches. We can manage the entire process for you too, from confidential sites surveys to full installations in the least disruptive way possible. We can help you ensure your customers feel comfortable and their details are protected whilst in your branches.

So, let us find out about your brand and how we can help you; every brand is different and that’s why we do things bespoke. Give us a call on 0113 233 7800 or email to discuss how we can help you solve your privacy and ambience problems today!

Music is more than just entertainment. Start using this powerful tool and see the benefits in your branches.

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